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Slavery Gone For Good: Black Book Edition

A Shocking & Powerful Deep-Dive Into The World’s Hardest Subject


From The Authors: “We aimed to create the most complete work concerning the full and untold nature of Slavery and Abolitionism. This is not your ordinary book on slavery. To our knowledge, there are few if any books on the topic of Slavery covering this side of the story."

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Unlike Most Modern Works:

Quotes and References are mainly from those who lived around the 19th century, or had direct experience with Slavery. Topics are explored through a multitude of different perspectives, which can help for the freedom many people desire or the slavery that needs to be abolished in the present day. A work considered universal, timeless, totally independent and non-partisan for historical review and philosophical reflection.


  • 100s of Quotes from 200+ 19th Century Abolitionists, Newspapers, Authors, Philosophers, Psychologists, Modern Pioneers, Former Slaves & More

  • Untold Historical Figures (Ex. Jeremiah Hacker, Charles Lane, Josiah Warren)

  • Excerpts from Abolitionist material, Before & Beyond The U.S. Civil War

  • Q/A (Question & Answer) Format For Clear Comprehension & Reference

  • A Deep-Dive Into Abolitionism That Historians Often Ignore Or Don’t See

  • The Fundamental Building Blocks To Freedom (Ex. Freedom, Rights, Equality)

  • Tackling Tough Problems & Setbacks Concerning Slavery & Abolitionism

  • The Untold History of All Slavery Worldwide (Ex. Sumeria, Egypt, Greece)

  • A Deep Understanding of How Slavery Manifests (Ex. Covert, Overt)

  • The Requirements & Symptoms of Slavery (Ex. Fear, Trauma, Lack of Health)

  • Surrounding Issues on Slavery for Psychological Tools & Self-Empowerment

  • Why Certain Facts About Slavery Is Not Known Or Kept Hidden Around The World

  • How You May Be Contributing To Slavery (Ex. Internally, Externally)

  • The Different Forms of Slavery (Ex. Chattel, Economic, Political, Mental, Physical)

  • Powerful & Practical Action Steps for the Present Day by Successful Abolitionists

  • Resources To Expand Upon The Topics Presented (Ex. Movies, Books, Seminars)

  • The Ways In Which You Can Teach Your Children or Future Generations

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free”
“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”

- Frederick Douglass, Former Slave, Abolitionist


The Most Important Work In History
Why Did Slavery Go On For Thousands Of Years?



The Most Important Dynamic To Understand In The World

Define Slavery, Create Freedom


The “radical” 19th century abolitionists were

the true humanitarians and “freedom fighters” in this world.

A Revolutionary Return Of The Most Revolutionary History...

The Abolition of Slavery.



Warning: This Will Make You Never See The World In The Same Way Ever Again.

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