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A multifaceted creative gameshow about
a Dog, Pony and Elephant amongst Wolves and Sheep.

The show about the show of politics.
You must prove your "freedom"



A game with rules, but most especially rulers.


Each contestant (Dog, Pony, Elephant), will go through a series of different categories given by the judges (3 Wolves). They record their responses using a real-life resource such as a whiteboard or papers.

After each category, the contestants go over their responses, with the Judges determining who wins the category, to get a point. The chat (Sheep) can help determine this winner using chat polls.

Whoever gets the most points, wins.



If a contestant has 3 points, it costs 1 point to challenge a fellow contestant in an online game to steal a point and crush competition. If you lose, they steal your point instead, and can challenge you. If they win, they will take another point. This "challenge" can only happen once per contestant.

Online games include uno, atario, tetris, checkers, marbles, racing and type racer. Judges may decide the game in whatever way they choose, they may even flip a coin or spin a wheel.

On the 6th category, last place gets a free point.

On the second to last category, chat
(Sheep) must pray for the winner,
and the corresponding constitution (Scoreboard).


The scoreboard is a piece of parchment called the Constitution, where each contestant will have a line representing text that also represents their score. The contestant gets to put their name foremost at the bottom of the Constitution, as the "official" winner of the show.


The winning contestant of the show gets a shoutout on The Liberator 2 newsletter, as well as shoutouts on every video of that week. Additionally, the winner becomes eligible to compete against other winners in becoming the champion, also known as the beast.

The favorite participant in chat by the Judges
can become a contestant for the show.


Each response to each category offers a fun and comedic way to seek out knowledge through a creative means, that also sharpens and inspires speaking on behalf of the response.

The analogy of a dog and pony, is the dog and pony show of politics, being the false left versus right dialectic.

The elephant stands for the elephant in the room, typically the loud-mouth or individual that the media loves to put on the political show.

The wolves and sheep are based on the famous quote about Democracy, in which the wolves are deciding with the sheep what to have for dinner. Sheep are also referred to as sheeple, or the blind masses. The sheep are voting for a contestant, meanwhile it's decided mainly by the wolves who preselected the contestants for the show.

The show includes the use of majority or useless voting (Polls), magical pieces of paper (Constitution), those who pull the strings (Judges), collusion and representation (Bias, Chat), karma and political theater (Challenges), state welfare (Free Points), and the religion of the state (Prayer For Winner).

The winner of the show, symbolic to that of politics, is also the person who has "proved" their talk of "freedom" concepts to the judges, with their use of creative responses and engaging the chat of sheep.

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