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Helpful Tips For Events & Networking:

Real-Life Networking

You connect with the individual(s) who network within your region. If there are no individuals doing this, you can be the networker. If you want to network a region, please provide proof and some of your efforts. There is nothing you need to do, it is simply a way for people to connect.

USA North-West:
California ~
California (Redding) ~ or
Idaho ~
Northwest Areas ~
Washington ~

USA North-East:
Connecticut (Upstate New York) ~
Ohio ~
Pennsylvania ~

USA South-East:
Florida ~
Georgia ~
South Carolina ~

USA Middle:
Texas (Dallas) ~
Minnesota (Seymour) ~

Melbourne ~
Mid-North Coast ~ 

Quebec ~
Ontario ~

South Americas ~

New Zealand

Online Networking

Servers, Channels Or Groups May Include, For Example:
Discord, Guilded, Element (Recommended), Telegram, Facebook Groups

Moderation For These Online Spaces Is With The Ownership Of The Server
Host & The Platforms Used, With You
r Voluntary Choice To Participate.

All Servers Listed Should Align To Abolitionism/Voluntaryism
If A Server Or Contact Should Not Be Listed, Please Contact Us
All Servers Are Community-Made & May Not Represent The Liberator 2
Long-Held Trusted Communities May Be Listed First

How To Network (Video Version)

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