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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

A Simple Scenario: Meet John

“You shall not learn to read,” said the slaveholder to his slaves. “You shall read nothing but lies,” says capital and government to their victims. But their efforts are in vain. Light has a penetrating power that is irresistible, and is bound to make its way. Liberty will be seen and read and understood more and more as time goes on, and will eventually force its way to a place of honor on the shelves of libraries everywhere” ... "Now, we Anarchists are political abolitionists. We earnestly desire the abolition of the State. Our position on this question is parallel in most respects to those of the slavery abolitionists." – Benjamin Tucker (20th Century Abolitionist)

“Human government has made the earth a slaughter house of the human race for six thousand years.” – Josiah Warren (19th Century Abolitionist)


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