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  • Konrad Rogoz

Reforming The Plantation

As Florida governor Ron DeSantis prepares for his 2024 presidential campaign, the people of America struggle with divided allegiances. In recent years, the undercurrent of economic hardship has made the mainstream media rhetoric that much more unbearable. Following Donald Trump’s departure from office, the resounding chorus of Middle America said, “We’ll get him back in 2024”. However, Trump has faced trial while DeSantis has gathered some support for his seemingly “common sense” bills in Florida.

Now the time has come, as it does every several years, where the American people are tempted with the prospect of a reformer. Like a gambler, all they need is a horse in the race, underdog or favorite. And just like the gambler, they run from the looming conclusion that the real running must be done outside of the racetrack. No horse will run it for him. But he buys the ticket nonetheless, since change is what he deeply desires, and every horse runs under the name “Change.” Every horse is a “Reformer.”

Upon closer examination, however, America’s allegiances are not split. The allegiance to the state is as strong as ever. In post-pandemic life, political polarization is at an all-time high. Mainstream and alternative voices alike seem to further separate the minds of the people into neat boxes, feedback loops and small groups, with simple buzzwords and phrases forming a simple world-view. Any information that challenges the world-view evokes an defensive emotional response. This pushes the individual back to their tribe for support, validation, and reinforcement. When the gambler is told he has a gambling problem, he denies it angrily, and goes straight to the racetrack.

And bets on the Reformer. Trump was a Reformer, so was Barack Obama, so was the horse before him. The house always wins.

There are too many “Reformers,” and not enough Abolitionists. The abolitionist is the only endeavor truly worth putting money on. This is where the people’s allegiances truly are divided. On one hand, they recognize the injustices of inflation, media lies, and an invisible agenda seeking control over their lives. On the other hand, they want to continue to enjoy the benefits of what the monetary system provides. They want to continue to consume easily accessible media. And they want to continue to fund a government that takes the resources of others.

Reforming the plantation is a fruitless endeavor. The American people once again are tempted by one who will “make things better.” Unfortunately, in the state of slavery, “better” is not good enough. Voting for, endorsing, or even vocally supporting a presidential candidate is a vote for slavery. Authority vested in human beings is a rejection of the natural principle of self-ownership. The people reject this simple truth, because of the inescapable conclusion that follows it. That conclusion is: “If the current state of living is slavery, and I really own myself, then I have to do something about it.” This is why the addict claims he can “quit at any time.” If he admits that he cannot, then the inescapable conclusion is that he has to heal.

How then, can the gambler heal? Nature is the answer. Man’s nature is to pursue a higher purpose, to seek something better. He must be shown by a recovered gambling addict how that is done, through both knowledge and care. And as for the horses? It is their nature to run, as well. But, in Nature, horses don’t run in a circle. They run wherever they will. The racetrack must be abolished.

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