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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

True Anarchy or Voluntaryism

Voluntaryism has many symbols and movements within it, just as Statism does. In this one, the gold represents self-ownership of your own body and mind and the black symbolizes non-aggression, the belief that using violence against a person or their property is immoral and should not take place. Similarly, white instead of the yellow would mean unity, clarity, awakening, wholeness, completion and openness. (Like the colors used for The Liberator 2 News)

Anarchy: From the Greek prefix and noun “an-archon”: Without Rulers.

Anarchy does NOT mean without rules, it means without rulers. No masters, no slaves.

Voluntaryism: The doctrine that relations among people should be by mutual consent. It is a simple moral rule most people live by. By the nature of this rule, an individual is a ruler over themself, and therefore has no rulers (abolitionism: the doctrine of ending slavery).

Lawyer and 19th Century Abolitionist Lysander Spooner states:

“Government is in reality established by the few; and these few assume the consent of all the rest, without any such consent being actually given.” ~ “For a man, thus subjected to a government that he does not want, is a slave.”

Government (Or “The State”): The doctrine of “authority” (statism) or the legitimacy of rulers having the “right to rule.” This creates the top cause of unnatural death: democide and war.

Author and Modern Abolitionist Larken Rose states:

“It is absurd to try to force people to be nice, or fair, or compassionate, not only because aggression is inherently wrong but also because there will never be only one idea of what is nice, fair and compassionate. To have millions of people constantly fighting over the sword of “authority,” each hoping to forcibly impose his view of “goodness” upon everyone else, has been the direct cause of most of the violence and oppression in history. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, this fact is historically indisputable: most of the evil committed throughout history has come from attempts to use “authority” to accomplish good things.”

Anarchy- What you thought it was: Savage citizens in a free-for-all devoid of the government’s loving guidance. What it actually is: Peaceful citizens, coexisting through voluntary interaction, devoid of government coercion.

“Even if the absense of government really did mean anarchy in a negative, disorderly sense – which is far from being the case – even then, no anarchical disorder could be worse than the position to which government has led humanity” - 20th Century Abolitionist Leo Tolstoy


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