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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

You Are Free... Or Are You?

“I did not know I was a slave until I found out I couldn't do the things I wanted”

- Frederick Douglass, Former Slave, Abolitionist

A friendly reminder by your all-so-loving presumed “authority” figures:

Don’t feed the homeless.

Don’t expose secrets. (ex. Edward Snowden)

You must use licenses and permits.

You are required to register your birth.

You must join the army if needed.

You can’t collect rain water.

You must use money.

You are required to use a passport to travel.

You must send your kids to school.

You must keep all your bills and receipts.

You must not grow certain plants. (ex. Marijuana)

You must pay 20-40% of your income to the government.

You need mandatory vaccines to participate.

You must pay money for higher education.

You can’t drink raw milk.

You can’t actually say what you want.

Break any rules and you will pay or be locked in a cage.

Now go to school, get a job, get married, get a mortgage.

Consume. Obey. Die.

“One master may whip his slaves less severely than another; one master may allow his slaves to keep more of what they produce; one master may take better care of his slaves – but none of that changes the basic, underlying nature of the master-slave relationship. The one with the right to rule is the master; the one with the obligation to obey is the slave. And that is true even when people choose to describe the situation using inaccurate rhetoric and deceptive euphemisms, such as ‘representative government.” – Larken Rose, Author


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