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Send Us Your Own Article

Join Independent Media! ~ For The Liberator 2 News

guidelines for posting:

- word limi
t: 1000

- keep it respectful and somewhat professional,
being authentic and open to the all the public

- universally applicable

(anything not universal or timeless may be connected)

- optionally include your social links or donation page

- share your name with your post

(you may optionally remain anonymous)

accepted topics related to:

- morality

- abolitionism

- ownership

- self-reliance

- natural he

(excluding invasive/restrictive advice)

- events going on

- poetry, art, quotes or media related to the above

Most requests accepted. Not all requests are accepted.
Reasons will be given in a reply to your request.
All posts are unmodified to maintain integrity.
Only grammar may be adjusted for accessibility.

Recommended: Start your article eye-catchy, click-worthy!
We encourage you add links or sou
rces to your post!

Benefits To Posting An Article:
Supporting the paper is people directly supporting it's contributors: you. The people is the focus. Each article contribution gets turned into a video format, with narration and imagery, giving credit to you and sharing the social or donation links you provide in your post. Essentially, this allows me to create videos for you while allowing the newspaper to distribute to more audiences, it is a win win for everyone. Collaboration means greater impact!
More Benefits:
5 articles: You can get interviewed about your experience
with Statism and your journey overall.
10 articles: We create your own personalized business card to represent the newspaper. This also adds a level of reputation and professionalism, while sharing the word.
15 articles: Your word limit is increased to 1500.
20 articles: We can send you a free s
ticker with your name and
a message stating to read
your articles.
With contribution comes reputation to get involved in any and all other projects that get created. Anyone is welcom
e to contact the editors for any interviews with them.

Extra Notes:
For Video Creators: You can send us your video scripts and it's video. Optionally, you may add additional text to your script and we will make a video, includin
g your video within. Optionally, you may make or send short videos to include within the video that we produce. Optionally, you may make your own video for your own script. Optionally, you may transcribe videos and send us the text to be used for an article. Be sure to make these intents clear with your emailed post.
For Opinionated Posts: It is generally recommended not to be speaking personally (using "I" or "me"), as these articles will not be formed into videos (the editors cannot speak for you). It is recommended you work on articles sharing reasons and evidence for your personal experiences or observations, to make it less personal. Optionally, you may have written a personal article which can be linked alongside a different article of yours.

If video-article content goes against the guidelines of one platform,
it will still be published on other platforms.

We encourage that anyone r
eposts the video(s) we make
for your own channel ~ this creates more impact!

If you would like an editor to help contribute to your own article, please write at the beginning or end, "open" followed by the letter "c" for Cory or "w" for Will, and "cw" for either/both.

to send, email:

~ cory endrulat, editor
To Contact William Douglas:
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