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Invite Announcement Video:

If You Are Confused Or Want Help:

Invite Announcement Summary:

In 2022, we launched The End Of Slavery Summit which featured over 50 speakers including David Icke, Mark Passio, Derrick Broze, Larken Rose, HighImpactFlix and much more, alongside hundreds of resources.

From the summit, launched The Liberator 2 News project, jump-starting our collaborative action-focused newsletter with thousands of readers. This one-stop-hub allows anyone to send an article which will be turned into every format and for several platforms. It also features the 24/7 Truth In Music Radio, a networking page, activism section, the One Great Work Network livestream, documentaries, events and testimonies (for individuals sharing their personal stories).

All this work is always done for free and for mass education purposes.

Now it is time for The Liberator 2 Showcase.

In comparison to The End Of Slavery Summit, it is much easier for anyone to get involved within this project and it is projected to be more effective due to it's format. This may be held annually.

If you are a speaker or content creator or
simply care about the truth, here's all you have to do:

Send us a 1 minute clip on this 1 question:
"What is most important that people must know?"

The video can be vertical or horizontal with any camera.
Be creative!
We encourage that you edit your clip, but this is optional because we are willing to edit for you in case you don't.

Clips do best on major platforms and they keep people engaged.

When your clip is ready, send it to this email:

For attaching your video, you can use
Also email the following information (optional to be in video):
1. Your social links (to promote your work)
2. Where people can learn more about your answer

Do not share your clip publicly until this huge event takes place.
This helps create more anticipation and impact.

Your video should abide to our article guidelines.
If your clip has any problems or could use changes, we will let you know.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We will bring many people together.
We will showcase many different content creators.
We will create an engaging discussion.
We will flood the internet with truth-oriented clips.

Once many clips are gathered, we will launch trailers and dates for the live-show, where The Liberator 2 editors Cory Endrulat & William Douglas will do an analysis with live-chat, featuring all of the clips. This show may take place over multiple days, and you can be optionally interviewed after your clip is shown.

Be seen by thousands from our weekly newsletter, our livestreams and several video platforms. (Brighteon, Bitchute, Rumble, Rokfin, Odysee, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)

Share this page or the video above with your favorite content creators or send your clip! More voice means more impact!

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