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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

A Last Plea For Our Humanity

We can all enjoy a walk on the beach or a beautiful hike in the mountains. We can all enjoy something that gives us great memories, that makes us feel better, a prized possession or a love in our life. We can all relate to each other in many ways. Yet it is so that humanity repeatedly, again and again, falls to the habit of creating division among their own species, even their own friends and family, often over issues that arise solely in thoughts, beliefs or ideologies. We let our minds get so convoluted, we think our position is so justified, we end up going to war and building extremely powerful and expensive machinery for the sole purpose of creating suffering. We create suffering for others often because we think it will bring us good. We fall into an ideology often because we think we must have one, and we can be educated enough to make the decisions that others cannot, or we think they should not. We get into a comparison game, be it with ourselves and others, and we may project without the realization of our higher mind seeing that we are doing so.

Indeed, it is the higher mind, what some call conscience or mere heart, which is often referred to as the thing that says "no" or as the thing which allows an individual to express their authentic self, essentially, what allows a human to be a human. But by being a human, you already are. There is no expectation of what is humanity, and we would not have a differentiation, if it weren't for the technology and robotic programming of humanity which has pulled them into a lack of sense or a lack of individuality. Only you have your senses, only you could know you, yet we may presume a social role in society and thus choose to be a part of a collective, in a sense, losing our individual identity. But how far do we go with this? If, for instance, we choose to become a solider or a cop, we may willfully ignore what we know is right to do, and instead, do what is wrong, simply because we see ourselves as more special than other human beings, giving ourselves the right to do wrong, but because we create that justification in our own head that we must for the authority of the order giver, or for the greater good.

It is one to question a scenario between lesser or greater harms, where we know we don't want to do harm and may need to compromise to an extent, but it's another to guarantee continual harm for the mere possibility of preventing some hypothetical harm. It is the realm of the hypothetical that humanity has inflicted great pain upon the rest of his species, because he is a thinking animal, and his mind seems to run over reality time to time. For instance, we may tell ourselves how we look or feel instead of how we actually look or feel, we may very well convince ourselves of something to be true when it's not. But see, not knowing what is real is the epiphany of a robotic or fake world, and thus when we are not real ourselves, there can be no surprise when we see this of the world. An embodiment of our whole nature, a holistic picture in health and well-being, would have us realize we not only have a mind, and we need not follow orders, but that we think for ourselves, or that we have a heart. But the man who chooses to be a robot knows no better than his programming, unless he can see he's not a robot, and that he's so much more.

It is so that he must see the commonality between him and his fellow man, the shared sense of humanity, the nature which has always been through all his ancestry, his childlike spirit which wants to have fun and be cared for; and for those who have not gotten that experience when younger, it may feed into their envy and insecurity at an older age, preventing others from having that experience as well, but nonetheless, it is the experience we all desire, many will even see it is the point of life. Yet, this very point of life we speak of, again, is unseen in those who have tunneled their own vision, who have yet to open their eyes to the birds that sing and the trees that bend, the waves that crash and flow, the sun that shines and warms. It is then no surprise we often make similar the pictures of evil with that or vampirism, zombie-like creatures or demons, for which all they may know is taking what is good and turning it into what is bad. But if this be the case, as is the nature of honesty, then we would realize our humanity, our freedom, we are given. And we merely lose it when we think and convolute beyond our simplicity and our embrace.

The mystery and fun in life, it can be experienced all throughout nature and everything we do, we can live in the now and recognize our living, or we could keep striving and trying to aim for something we will never have because we are striving in the first place. Our works are marvelous in their structures, yet they will never give us the sense of fulfillment that we get from the ever present structure of nature. Be not surprised when the cop or soldier is the NPC that they are, nonhuman and giving no credence to your passion or heart, but do find it within them, for they must be given faith for that of healing, or else there is no hope for their soul. If we don't learn how to live, we won't live. If we don't use our nature, we will lose it. Show people their nature, love it and nurture it deeply


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