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Government - A Toxic Relationship

We have a severely unhealthy relationship with government. It is quite toxic, where we have no boundaries with “them.” This reflects upon all of society. People feud over politics dividing with one another, aiming to be the ones who hold the strings, if not the ones being pulled by the strings, and violence is used to back every law to demand compliance. We can get out of this mess however, by studying toxic domestic violence relationships, in efforts to maintain individuality and setting boundaries with care in the middle.

Boundary-setting is a vital skill that ensures healthy relationships with others. Without healthy boundaries, we can either have such rigid boundaries that we don’t allow people to get close, or such non-existent boundaries that we give too much of ourselves to others. Without effective boundaries, unhealthy, or even toxic, relationships can develop leading to severely impacted mental health and well-being.

We are often not taught how to set boundaries, or even that they are important. Effective boundary-setting is linked to happier relationships with others, better self-esteem, reduced symptoms of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as a happier, more fulfilled life.

School, religion and government (intentionally or not) were (subtly or not) giving us this toxic trait of being afraid of other peoples individuality and to drop all boundaries. Individuality is what gives us divinity. And it can be attained by continuously learning and knowing who you are. Personal Individuality and personal boundaries while respecting other people’s personal individuality and personal boundaries with Care in the middle is Truth.

Personal Individuality: The Sacred Mother aspect

Personal Boundaries: The Sacred Father aspect

Care: The Sacred Child aspect

Morality: The Respecting people’s boundaries

We as individuals have every right to set boundaries with every single relationship we have, and that includes government. Government is not god, no matter how much anyone believes that. We need to remind people that they have the ability to set boundaries. Ask them or yourself: Have you ever set a boundary with any relationship in your life? A parent, child, spouse, coworker, boss, relative, friend? What do you do if that person violates your boundaries? Do you no longer associate with them? How many chances do you give them? How long until you leave that relationship altogether? Even at your job do you have boundaries that if violated, you would be willing to quit? Why is it not okay for your friends and family to violate your boundaries but it is okay for government to do it? The more people that we can get to understand this dynamic, the more we can wake people up to the reality that government consistently violates our boundaries. Our relationship with this entity needs to end.

Trauma has been used on us all large scale. Why? Because it scares people into dropping their boundaries. Why are we being scared into dropping our boundaries? So that we are easier to control. The science of creating a slave - remove individuality and remove boundaries.


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