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How Money Works ~ The Federal Reserve Problem & The Solution

In 1913, organized crime banking interests lobbied and bribed Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which created the private Federal Reserve (FED, FR) to back-stop and “legalize” the ability of private banks to create money out of thin air and lend it at interest. The process is called fractional reserve banking, and the basics of the swindle is that when you go to the bank to get a mortgage, the bank is not lending you another depositor’s money. They simply create the money with a few strokes on the keyboard, and the average person spends the rest of their life paying interest on a loan created out of thin air. If a bank gets in financial trouble and/or experiences a “run-on-the-bank” where depositors begin to pull their money, the FED steps in and provides the troubled bank(s) unlimited capital to maintain faith in the crooked system.

In addition to the inherent unfairness of allowing certain companies (banks) the monopoly privilege of creating money, the process steals the purchasing power from the dollars earned and saved by everyone else in society. As the banks create more and more dollars, the excess dollars begin to compete with the existing dollars in the market, bid up prices, and simultaneously reduce the purchasing power of existing dollars in circulation.

This is the main reason why the cost of almost everything in the economy (housing, healthcare, education, energy, etc.) is going UP; when absent the organized crime money system, costs should be going DOWN as innovations and productivity improvements reduce the costs associated with producing the necessities and luxuries of everyday life. To reiterate, not only is society being robbed by the inflationary theft of rising prices, but it is being robbed of the reduced costs and growing purchasing power that would exist absent the organized crime banking system. Absent the anomalies of hot housing markets and hot stocks, it isn’t that the value of your home and portfolio are rising; it now simply takes more rapidly depreciating dollars to buy the same amount of housing and stocks.

A 2011 study called The Network of Global Corporate Control analyzed 37 million global companies and 43,060 transnational corporations, and they built a model of who owns and controls what. They discovered that just 147 firms, primarily banks and financial institutions, control 40% of the global wealth. Currently, there is even more concentration than ever, with Vanguard and Blackrock collectively controlling around $16.5 Trillion. Vanguard had $8.1 Trillion under management in 2022 with Blackrock managing $8.49 Trillion as of the 2nd quarter of 2022. Blackrock and/or Vanguard are among the three largest institutional investors for 505 out of 505 of the S&P 500. (100%) One or the other is the single largest institutional investor in 422 of these. (84%)

In what may appear to be a mockery of the people or tax slaves, the private Federal Reserve and US Treasury have made US banknotes the exact same color as monopoly money. Once backed by gold, which was/is mandated by the Constitution, the rapidly depreciating FR notes are now backed by the worthless promises of a bankrupt empire. At the same time, the banks engaged in fractional reserve banking have bought up all the plant, property, equipment, real estate and other hard assets.

Imagine you are playing the game Monopoly with a group of people where the banker is cheating and giving himself unlimited funds. At the end of the game, who owns everything on the board, and who are renters and debtors? The ability to create money out of thin air has enabled the banks to:

1. Buy, consolidate, and weaponize the media into nothing but deception and distraction.

2. Provide unlimited funds to a small handful of organized crime companies to consolidate their own industries and trade as a cartel.

Unfortunately, the death of the dollar appears to be approaching and the organized crime system behind the “government,” fractional reserve banking, and the control-of-perception media appear to be whoring out the US Dollar as the information revolution begins to expose the theft of trillions. Could wiping out the US dollar and the tax slaves be in the cards? Definitely!

Educate Others - Please share this article, &

Use Cash, Crypto, Gold/Goldbacks, Silver and Other Dollar Alternatives - The more your community is diversified away from the USD, the better prepped you are to weather the storm of a currency collapse or devaluation.

Boycott the Money Center Banks in Favor of Credit Unions - If your bank is a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations or the World Economic Forum then you have the wrong bank. Choose smaller banks not involved in funding crooked politicians and ESG. Pick credit unions.

Boycott Digital Dollars (as Much as You Can!) - Shop at farmer’s markets, brick-and-mortar retail, and bank branch locations in person when possible. Pay cash even for large payments like rent and taxes.

Vote with Your Feet - Move to voluntaryist communities or help in their creation. (ex. The Free State Project in New Hampshire, or Food Forest Abundance with Jim Gale)

To Learn More: Century of Enslavement by The Corbett Report


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