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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

Nature’s Call

No amount of writing or philosophy will show people the beauty that is nature. The scents of the flowers, the feel of the ocean waves or the suns rays, the views of the mountains, the enjoyment whether it is or is not of the summer days, or even when it's raining, with nature providing free showers. Poets are the ones who speak of this, and they may not be popular in the modern age, but their message will continue to last throughout and beyond. Now, one may jump to the idea that nature is brutal and hard, but see, humans have the ability to learn and they have built great things to make their simple needs fulfilled simply. Have they not dominated, and can they not harmonize? Yet, why still then, is there distress? Is nature to blame past the point of fulfilling simple needs, where the man made solutions to natural problems only become more problematic?

Evidently so, nature just exists, it cannot be blamed. But for what beauty I speak of, it is when we do learn, as we are certainly supposed to, from nature. It has less to do with knowledge than it does actually listening and allowing, knowing when to act and when to step back and watch. Simply notice all the animals in nature doing what they've always done, relaxing most of the time, not worrying of time, money, politics, religion and all the man made systems which merely complicate and have us lose a sense of nature. What then, must be the solution, because we are not like other animals exactly so, and we will create. Well, it is to create with nature at heart, nature at mind, nature as the answer. Whether you call it god, or intelligence, or architect or deity, it is that higher power to which we owe allegiance, that of which brought us into being, that of which we require, thus that of which we cannot escape even if we try.

Therefore, for when we do see this attempt at escaping is being done, in the form of the many distractions or delusions, the solution would be to bring a harmonized nature to the natural world, where it belongs. That is, for example, a food forest in a plot of land, that supports all beings and inspires life, creativity, innocence, beauty, purity, simplicity, harmony and so on. For all that this world may be lacking in natural expression, it can furthermore be a place of social activity as equally as much as solitude. The experience of energy unspeakable by these words, it is that very thing, which will actually change this world. It will heal and feed, it will show and provide, it will rejuvenate and refresh. You will survive, the environment will restore, the economy will be abundant, your being will retain its sense. This is what I want to bring to the world. And I encourage you to do so, with me.

By growing a food forest, much akin to the natural forests of this world, we exemplify exactly what it means to be one with nature and using our nature. Permaculture, it is intelligent, and yet it merely works with what is, rather than trying to disregard and replace what is. Care may open the door, but care in action is when the door is used. There are two steps for enacting truth in this world, starting and going all the way. In fact, these two work together and need each other. Like a mother raising a son, one life to the next, may very well set up life, for life. The way is the Tao, and the Tao is infinite nature. When you start, you are merely continuing what nature provides, this is the open door. Since you invite the way or path, the Tao follows suit, where soon spontaneously you have the door being used continuously so to go all the way. It is the dream in manifest, the movie from start to finish, the life fulfilled.

Therefore, when we put in our food forest, we put in the intent, we put in the blueprint, we then know that the door has been opened, and all that is left to do is wait. Both for the plants and the corresponding environment. Perhaps meanwhile, you continue to open more doors, seeing as you are still on your way, and more doors open to you, one after another. Synchronicity starts to appear as if you happen to meet just the right people or as if you happen to be in just the right position. You know that among this, however, will involve some level of wrong, for otherwise you would not see right, but nonetheless, as does your body and your nature of spontaneous living, you move along your way. Thus, the problems begin to solve themselves, and they often only highlight more to the way, and more to what doors may be opened.

If we go the full way of truth, if we make a full return to nature, it is as simple then, as the step of creating a food forest for the public, with your inspired vision. But see it so that if you have a connection with original or unadulterated nature, follow through on what may be said as nature's call. You may receive phone calls everyday, you may receive thoughts everyday, you may observe the communication among birds and their calls everyday, but see this call of it's own. You may liken it to following the light you see in a dark cavern, and then wanting to bring more light back into the cavern to help others. There's more to this, there's a feeling that is often hard to be described in both situations. But if this is the analogy that can be made, and words are limited in what they can portray, then there is in fact, a call beyond. 


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