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  • William H. Douglas

Psychologist Carl Jung ~ The Destruction Of The Individual

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Last week, we began sharing insights into the origins and functions of the State gained from studying psychologist Dr. Carl Jung’s last book before his death, The Undiscovered Self. In that article we looked at the way that human minds filter facts discovered through scientific experimentation to fit their personal beliefs and how this leads them to totally misunderstand humanity, which can only be understood at the individual level. In this article we continue to explore the insights that Dr. Jung’s work can provide to us. From page 8 of The Undiscovered Self:

“Under the influence of scientific assumptions, not only the psyche but the individual man and, indeed, all individual events whatsoever suffer a leveling down and a process of blurring that distorts the picture of reality into a conceptual average. We ought not to underestimate the psychological effect of the statistical world picture: it displaces the individual in favor of anonymous units that pile up into mass formations. Science supplies us with, instead of the concrete individual, the names of organizations and, at the highest point, the abstract idea of the State as the principle of political reality. The moral responsibility of the individual is then inevitably replaced by the policy of the State (raison d’état). Instead of moral and mental differentiation of the individual, you have public welfare and the raising of the living standard.”

We stop treating humans as individuals when we start thinking of humans as we do plant matter or bacteria in a lab experiment. As a result, we start treating humans like objects without thoughts, feelings, hopes, or dreams. We stop caring about whether we are helping a person and start caring about whether the numerical results of our social experiments seem good to us on paper. Like the denizens of Ursula K. Le Guin’s fictional utopia Omelas, we become completely comfortable in torturing, dehumanizing, and destroying individuals as long as the collective appears happy. With such a worldview, with the scientific materialist worldview, autocracy becomes inevitable.

“The goal and meaning of individual life (which is the only real life) no longer lie in individual development but in the policy of the State, which is thrust upon the individual from outside and consists in the execution of an abstract idea which ultimately tends to attract all life to itself. The individual is increasingly deprived of the moral decision as to how he should live his own life, and instead is ruled, fed, clothed and educated as a social unit, accommodated in the appropriate housing unit, and amused in accordance with the standards that give pleasure and satisfaction to the masses. The rulers, in their turn, are just as much social units as the ruled and are distinguished only by the fact that they are specialized mouthpieces of the State doctrine. They do not need to be personalities capable of judgment, but thoroughgoing specialists who are unusable outside their line of business. State policy decides what shall be taught and studied. [pg. 8]”

When one holds a worldview that dehumanizes people, ignores the individual, and focuses solely on the collective, the only outcome possible is totalitarianism. Those moral busybodies who believe they are omniscient enough, omnipotent enough, and omnibenevolent enough to rectify all evils and order all things for the good of all, naturally enough try to become omnipresent enough to do so. But, since they are localized and contained by their own individual reality, they must develop a way to be everywhere at once. The way they do this is through the Leviathan of the State. Into its power and under its control they place everything, nothing spared for the individual to order for himself or herself. Through the police, the military, the schools, and all the other organs and departments of the government, the rulers stretch out their hands and force their will upon all people everywhere. Through the government those in power achieve a pseudo-omnipresence.

As the power of the State increases, its control over society grows proportionally. Over time all things are brought under the rule of the government and those in power can dictate the beliefs, actions, and lives of those over whom they rule. Nothing – not birth, not life, not marriage, not love, not sex, not the job you do, not what you eat, not what your drink, not who you meet, and not even what you think – escapes the regulation and control of the State as those in power seek to enforce their fictional ideals onto the reality of the individual. As this happens the individual’s ability to decide what he or she thinks, loves, or lives, decreases and is brought more and more in line with the dictates of those who hold the levers of power.

Our moral decision-making power, our liberty, disappears as the power of the State grows.

But it is not us alone that lose our humanity and our liberty (those two in fact being one and the same). In the process of achieving their philosophical apotheosis, the scientific statists lose their own individualism as well. Trapped by their own dogma, they transform themselves into little more that mouthpieces of the doctrines that rule them along with all else. They lose the ability to recognize their own humanity and their own individual reality. Fervently believing their own doctrines, they lose their liberty to the machine they built. Understanding this dual enslavement helps us gain another great insight from Dr. Jung.

The State’s critics often talk about it as if there is a secret cabal of the rich and mighty – a George Soros or the Koch Brothers, for example – who are plotting the domination of the nation or world. This is, of course, nonsense. There is no secret cabal who “knows the truth.” There doesn’t need to be one. Those who gain power are exposed to the same mental conditioning that all of us are and believe in it just as much as most of us do. The politicians who gain power do so exactly because they are grand evangelists of the doctrines of the State, able to preach its glories the best by promising to use its power the most in the name of the collective. Being the best preachers they become the ones who attain the highest levels of power.

It isn’t because they’re members of the NWO, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, or Bilderbergers. It is because they are mouthpieces for the Cult of the State and preach its doctrines in the way their supporters most wish to hear. And Dr. Jung was absolutely right that they do not need to be men of good judgment or wisdom, as we’ve seen with Trump and Biden. The most important thing is that they are experts and believers in the doctrines of the State. They will then naturally act according to their statist (“state-ist”) beliefs, resulting in their maintaining and increasing the power of the government. Instead of being some great conspiracy, that is the very point and reason they are elected by the public.


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