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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

Returning To Nature Is Letting Go Of Man-Made Control

Was there a need for a philosophy? Was there a need for books? Was there a need for systems other than that of play? It would seem apparent to many that there needs to be those systems of which add onto our nature or that of which are told to perfect our nature. Yet this fix or addition or perfection has been a mere dream. The fix creates a problem, the perfection is mere illusion and the addition is just a derivative like a branch part of a greater tree;  encompassing the nature of a tree, branches naturally come about without effort. There already exists a philosophy and it's called living, there already exists a book and it's called your senses, and there is always room for play, it is what we knew since a child since it is in every beings heart, with the playground being the world of nature.

If this were apparent, it is much so of no mention, but also just as much as the former would be of no mention. One if any mentioned in any case, would insinuate there's still mastery to be done. Nonetheless, it is that which is mentioned which may be toyed with on its own, for the benefit of what may then be unmentioned; in other words, the serious matters become no more serious, the world of rivalry becomes a world of friends who mutually compete for fun. Without the arch of nature, man has no dwelling, they lose a sense of self. The sense, being the real book, is where one learns, it is where one feels, it is where one comprehends who they really are. They sense the world of play which lets them do this, and keeps them doing this, hence naturally forming the philosophy. This philosophy contributes to the creations. The creations, forming “new” trees, still owe allegiance to other trees and the world at whole; for in claiming superiority, they uproot or diminish themselves. We ought not judge branches, if we know the tree; as it is, the branches are also the tree. In other words, creations cannot persist without the creators, thus one cannot expect branches to persist without that which holds the branches. 

It is how I knew Taoism was truly a study of nature, for it saw the human subjective bias, it saw the problems with all things man made without having to call them problems merely as so because the best judgment we have is sticking with what we fundamentally know, the most basic, which brings us into wu-wei so in not taking risk or extreme or unnecessary action. Wu-wei brings us to nature because we let go of the very thing which attempts to differentiate us from nature; hence the natural can become natural.


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