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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

Seeing Humanity As Humanity

I've talked about how I don't expect anything of you. In fact, it's true, all I want you to do is stand on your own principles. This is how we achieve real freedom, it is the morality most of us have, without contradiction, it is merely seeing the humanity in everyone with no exception in the case of "authority." This is then, also equality and tolerance. Yet, it isn't some cry for it, there are no requirements for it either; all you must do is take a step back, see who you are, and who others are, what we've always been.

There are many causes that come to seem righteous in this day and age, it may feel like you should gravitate toward them if not gravitating away from them because there can be so much ra ra. Everyone claims they are right, nobody knows what to do, many people feel powerless, so this is what it may seem at times. The reality however is that everyone is right, and they feel the way they feel for a reason that can't go under looked or overlooked. But with that, means due equal respect to others who are right among you, that is, if you can see what they do or think, the things they do or think. When you get to meet someone and see their livelihood, their upbringing and family history, you start to see yourself in them, at least to the point of a sense of sympathy, an understanding that we are merely living different experiences in the same reality.

So why is it this should be mentioned? How is it that everyone should be appeased or appealed to? Well, nothing will go the way of any one individual, in fact, nature always has for us planned more than we can perceive, as it is more than we can perceive. But nonetheless, we come to perceive it, and when we open our hearts and minds to each other, we may come to perceive it better. But if on the other hand we close our minds and hearts from one another, perhaps we create imaginary borders and titles and positions in society, we want to impose our ideology on others, then we have a world that due to your intolerance, becomes quite intolerable. Equally so, your lack of responsibility, contributes to the lack of society's ability to respond. Your lack of freedom contributes to society's slave conditions. Then too, if you permit violence, perhaps in ways you don't understand, you contribute to society's permissibility of violence, the mere begging or asking for chaos. And being that most people don't want chaos or slavery or the lack control of oneself, it only makes sense that they are deceived into such condition, if not ignorant that such condition is manifesting. And ignorance it is indeed, especially when they ignore my mere warnings that ask them to merely open their senses. Society at one point of time has given in their nature to those who claim to take nature’s authority, and as generations went by with such permissiveness, the nature of both oneself and their worldly authority in God or nature itself, has faded in connection. That does not mean philosophers do not see it, for they would be among the few that do; the problem is, society may not want to listen to philosophers if they've long rather listened to the media or to politicians, who ever feed unconsciously on the philosophers of the past, but not present. We shouldn't be merely living indoctrinations of our youth, but yet we are, and we bring it into our old age, so to not realize that we have been indoctrinated; the same way we ever could have allowed ourselves to lose our connection, to contradict ourselves, but never see it.

We can see it all, if we are present, if we are free, but a mind never present nor free, will only see what it is given, but mostly what is comfortable and conformed. That is, until the situation becomes so uncomfortable or they feel the need to non-conform, but then will they know how to heal this? If indoctrination was all they ever knew and all of a sudden the chains were broken, they would fear their freedom, they would find somewhere else to look for control. And indeed, both the act of wanting to control others or wanting to be controlled, must be driving our lack of freedom. Both parties act in ignorance on part of nature, because nature has it that you control yourself beyond all attempts otherwise that must be justified and indoctrinated into becoming.

Nature works with ease, effortlessly creating the life around us, and yet here are humans trying to control everything around them; for when do they consider if they should work with the self organizing nature, of nature? If they did, for instance, voluntary interaction would be upheld in society as the only government, whereas an involuntary government would simply be seen as what it is, covert slavery. If everything be voluntary, competition in markets are allowed, varieties of solutions emerge, people can more easily pursue the life they desire; and this is not to say coercion would not exist, but it is to say that it would always be discouraged and not permissed. The key to a world of sustainability or peace is then in knowing this, that evil will always be evil and should never be permissed, not that it will go away entirely. To be on the look out for evil is a life of responsibility, and its easy not to when you are following orders; thus not only are people obligated to teach morality, but to enforce it directly. And for individuals to claim some other individuals must be given authority to uphold morality is nonsense if all must comply to morality, then it is the responsibility of everyone to uphold morality. An act of violence is an act of violence. The goal is a world of less evil, but this is no appeal to the common good because no evil is being permissed in the means to an end. The systems of evil all rely on twisting truth, making it confusing so to keep people in fear; their appeal to the common good involves evil being permissed, and so long as it is, it will grow and we will continue to live in contradiction. In contradiction with ourselves, our principles, of course then, in contradiction with others.

See that you are connected among everyone in this world, from those endoused by their tyrannical governments in China or Korea, know there is hope for everyone, and there must be; they see none in their condition, no alternative, just living life, but an artificial one, that's why they are in their condition and why we may be appalled. But our cause to be appalled can be equally turned on us if we were in their circumstance knowing no better. This is why education is a must, and only education can free minds, only we can free ourselves. Like a fire, it will spread slowly but surely, faster and faster, some wood catches on quicker than others, it's just a matter of time. Don't be at conflict with yourself in this mission, have trust, have courage; be the example of the lack of control, but the presence of self-control, which is just being, and hence, being there for others, not in their way, but for the way.


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