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  • Chris Jantzen

The Divine Crystal & The Great All ~ Spirituality & Reality

We are experiencing something truly great and fantastic: We call it life.

I hope these words pry open your mind to consider. What if this living situation we are experiencing is far more important and valuable than we have ever imagined?

What if we are taking this existence for granted? Can you think of times in your life when you have taken things for granted? Does this happen often? What if it's happening more than you realize?

Consider that you are part of something epic and monumental. Once you begin considering your life, and its value, you will eventually wonder what or where you came from, what made you or dreamed you up. This brings us to our first point:

The Great All IS Intelligence.

Where does it come from? We may not be able to discern the answer to that question. Yet, since we do know that intelligence does exist, what is it doing? How does the rain know when to fall? How does the seed know when to sprout? How does a plant know what shape to grow into?

When animals are born, they seem to already have these instincts. Underneath all experience, there's astounding great intelligence. It is observable and confirm-able in every part of nature, animal, and mineral worlds.

Think on our individual body. When we're born, it knows so much. Somewhere within the realm of my Being there's the knowledge to build an entire human being. And what a complicated a thing, a piece of technology, one human being is! It is hard to imagine the computations, calculations, mathematics, and chemistry it takes to build a human body. With modern science and all their technology, they can clone, and they have come a long way, yet they cant actually build a unique human body! Can the creation create something more than the creation itself? It seems unlikely that humans could outdo the original. This brings us to our second point:

You and I have the knowledge of the recipe for life within our being.

And did you or I make that up? Do you remember coming up with all the ideas? Do you recall mixing the chemicals and gathering the carbon and ingredients to build your body?

Intelligence comes from the greater whole of the universe, the Great All. When we're born into this experience as the human body, we have this unique connection to that which we came from. How could we not?

It's still all around us, and we are made of it. The ingredients to create each of us comes directly from the Great All, how can we belittle pieces of the great all? What else are we or could we be but that?

Human beings are born from a connection. Humans are a conduit to the Great All. I am a direct connection, and you are a direct connection. We may name that unique connection "The Divine Crystal".

The Divine Crystal is our tool for discernment in this world. It's our gauge for how we tell right from wrong. It's what we call "our conscience".

In the Disney movie, there was the little cricket. Jiminy Cricket stood on the shoulder of Pinocchio, and acted as his conscience. Jiminy Cricket symbolizes our divine crystal. It's a living aspect of our being that we can check in on at any time.

Awakened into this experience inside of the Great All, we become aware if we so choose, that we have been endowed with this fantastic gift, the ultimate technology of the The Great All, our moral compass, our Divine Crystal.

Recognizing the grandiose and important nature of this situation is discovering the inherent responsibility that comes naturally with owning, being, and living in one of the Divine Connections Of The Great All.

That responsibility is to care for this crystal and use it wisely. The Ultimate Truth, the deepest recognition is, that this experience is All about Morality.

Reality is made of Morality; because Morality is the fundamental essence of what the "all" is. It is principle, principles are it. The Great All is Natural Law, it is Balance, it is Care.

The whole universe has reflected itself into your Divine Crystal and is offering you a myriad of chances to look inside, interact, learn, teach or... destroy.

It is your choice and that's exactly what life is and also why it is too.

Your Crystal, Your Choice. Own It!


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