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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

The Greatest Conspiracy

The greatest conspiracy is statism. It is people who have come together claiming that they are “authority,” then convincing the masses that they have that authority; so to take from the masses for their own gain (ie. taxation) in the illusion that it's necessary for the gain of the masses, for the greater good, for their protection, for the necessity of life and order itself, so to do what the masses cannot do, for all things material, egoic and psychopathic alike.

Indeed, it is the conspiracy that gives rise to all conspiracies, it is that which gives people the power to do anything they want, with a system that continually supports such legitimacy, with little to no question. It is the attempt to make men, god; to give them rights that nobody else has, to give them an exemption to morality. It is a conspiracy held so closely together by it's fortunes based on illusions, that those promoting the conspiracy fear to lose it, thus grappling to it time and time again, offering distractions to those wrapped in the symptoms of it. If anything happens, be it any other conspiracy, it merely is used to reinforce this conspiracy, because it is never questioned.

With this ring of power, it is the one to rule them all, and corrupts all which it touches, dare anyone seek to come close to the same conspiracy; be it holding office connected to government or being among the ranks of order followers, the new slave drivers and slave patrols of the slave masters. The conspiracy was slavery, then it was monarchy and then it was democracy and republics. A marriage one cannot let go of, a trauma one cannot release from, an abuse or shadow one cannot face, an abandonment from what one may never know. Indoctrination, fear and confusion makes sure of this. The greater the illusion, the more fooling and hard to see, the conspiracy.

The struggles and cycles of the world continues to move on, while the steady flow of theft and coercion, immoral legitimacy continues to move in. Overtime, perverse society becomes as below like above, then democide and collapse occurs as the ignorant population lost sight of the last time, whilst still being controlled the whole time, if not only more than before despite how “improved” they perceive to be among themselves. One evil to the next, evil is conditioned; lesser evil than before, evil is allowed.

Those who come close to questioning only become as part of the conspiracy; with those admiring the challenge, part of it too. The only ones who can question it and not become part of it, are those who speak directly of it, with no partaking in it. The only alternative to a statist is a voluntaryist, for they are the only ones who know of this conspiracy.


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