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For those who care about real liberty and want to optimize human existence, The Liberator 2 offers a way for anyone to create action, network and get involved to make it possible. We encourage anyone to be writers, content creators, activists, reprinting our weekly newspaper/newsletter, reposting our videos and sharing all the great work done by this community which welcome everyone. For those of you who have, thank you. We have held massive events, both online and in-person, with a lot of change happening due to this project and it’s efforts. Among being the only source of educational news focused on true freedom, morality, philosophy, psychology and voluntaryism, we have a vast collection of great articles and resources for everyone at any stage of their current knowledge. Let us observe just some of the great site pages part of The Liberator 2 News found on

The Homepage features articles and videos, live-streams, Merch and other directories. Importantly, there is an events section on this page. You can also share your music, your events, your activism and you may even be interviewed on your personal experience.

The Networking page found on gives you the ability to share your server or group, and have it featured on the site.

The “What Is Slavery?” page on tells us the root cause problem to all evil and tyranny in the world, where as the “What Is Abolitionism?” page on tells us the root cause solution for all that is grassroots, timeless and universal change. More learning resources are on

The “How To Share?” page on tells us many ideas and strategies for how to create more of an impact and further network with others. Importantly, there is also some printable material you can use for any event or in your community.

The Quiz page on challenges anyone on their own mentality to see if they truly support freedom or if they instead, support slavery. People may not recognize that they are supporting slavery until these questions are asked.

The “Send Your Article” page on allows you to send us any material of your own, to be included in our newspaper, newsletter and videos across many platforms.

The “Liberator 2 Showcase” page on allows you to record a simple 1-minute video and be part of a huge event alongside many other speakers. We even edit your clip for you. This also comes with an interview opportunity.

For our specific pages, we have which tells us more about the exact action we may partake in, with the most powerful and non-contradictive strategies, verified by history. teaches us about the Ancient Chinese Esoteric philosophy of Taoism and how we can return to nature and freedom in all aspects of our life. tells us the problems with voting and using paperwork as a means for true freedom and committing to self-ownership; here is also detailed why the many efforts for freedom has never worked throughout history. shows us powerful ignored banned psychological experiments proving the root cause to all evil in the world, as well as insights from famous psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung.

Finally, tells us we can become easily self-sustainable in food and medicine.


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