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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

The Most Dangerous & Indoctrinated Belief

Statism (Archonism) is the belief that there is such a thing as "Authority" vested in certain human beings, magically giving them the "right to rule" over other people. This "Authority" means that certain people, who we call "Government," have the "moral right" to issue commands to those whom they rule (those under their "jurisdiction"), and that their "subjects" (slaves) have a "moral obligation" to obey the arbitrary dictates ("laws") set by their Masters. Most simply put, statism is the belief in the legitimacy of Political Slavery; more specifically, it is mental slavery toward the state. Mental slavery, commonly considered the "most dangerous" form, has been detailed by a number of philosophers, authors, researchers, psychologists and historical figures, as self-enslavement.

Democide is known as “death by government.” 133 million deaths pre-20th century and 262 million deaths in the 20th century for a total of 395 million. This does not include the combatants killed in the 350+ wars between governments since 1800 or the 40+ million international and civil war combatant death in the 20th century. The number of people killed by their own governments in the twentieth century was more than four and a half times greater than the number killed by nongovernmental murderers, which raises the question of whether government should be counted more as a source of security or as a source of danger. Never anywhere in the history of the world has government only protected the rights of individuals, it has always done the opposite. Systemic wars only happened because millions of people followed the orders of one or few people who they saw as “authority.”


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