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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

The Problem In Independent Media For Freedom

There is incessant talk about current events or the symptoms of the real problems in the world, and it is abundant in any media space of which seeks also especially a profit. And how can it not disturb the calm mind? The actual motif of most independent media, by my unfortunate conclusion, seems to be money. Their service may be sharing alternative information, but it strays away from transformation, which drops most continual and dependency-based monetary (consumerism) pursuits.

The Liberator 2 may be maintained among the few which will hold true to principle til the end, and if funding be necessary, so it shall be utmost transparent. However, as mainly a one-man show of production, it should not have to fulfill what most independent media has not done, yet in the dire situation of the world we live in, it has the moral obligation to do so. When independent media has the ability to change the world overnight due to millions of followers, we on the other hand must build a grassroots effort from the ground up because they are unwilling to create the change necessary, nonetheless experiment with what may further such a change, and thus our effort is quite literally often one person to the next. The numbers we receive are miniscule, but our passion is beyond those who flaunt or bolden their numbers, thus giving us the advantage; not to mention, but the truth always wins, and the roots will remain whilst most may spend their life tackling problems which will never see the light of day again, if not manifesting into even worse problems due to their ignorance.

However much one may criticize as I am doing now, I am merely asking of their care for the message. For it is one to criticize and another to do what you see nobody else will do, thus forming the moral obligation. You can only hope everyone does their part, but not to an unnatural extent, as in the case of chasing fame or materialism in the spiritual, philosophical and moral cause for freedom. My word of advice would be to actively strategize and seek out the new, bringing in utmost public involvement, opening doors to new audiences and being in the public eye for all to see, to both bypass censorship and penetrate the dark. As however I saw this specifically was not done, as mentioned, The Liberator 2 was thus created. It may sound foolish to assume we know everything, but we accept the premises that we don’t, hence the very reason why voluntaryism is the solution; it gives credence to the open competition of solutions without the supposed “need” for violently imposing our will on others. Yet, how often is it that independent media even mentions or considers, or knows of statism or voluntaryism, political slavery or abolitionism?

Even still, I will produce only as necessary, and I will actively strategize to further this production in terms of yield whilst without self-contradiction; in other words, to stay true to ourselves whilst helping others the best we can. We've seen many individuals and ideas in the past shared among our present cause, yet they failed to enact their desired change, and we must know this; we must be able to determine if our efforts are growing in effect or becoming more viable and valuable over time, as it would if it were holding with the truth. I will leave you on these notes for contemplation, as for my last note would be to rely less on what is said among our own movement by others, for you are the movement. The message is the mission, and we are all merely the messengers.

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