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  • William H. Douglas

The Results Of Secular Statism (With Dr. Carl Jung & R.J. Rummel)

This week we continue our study into the nature of statism (“state-ism”) and political servitude as found in The Undiscovered Self by Dr. Carl Jung. Last week we discovered that the development of secularism doesn’t stop humans from worshipping. The drive to worship is a human psychological necessity, an undeniable drive built directly into the human mind. When a society secularizes and everyone is an atheist, the drive to worship doesn’t disappear, worship is merely transferred from God or the gods to new secular institutions. This worship almost always is given to the state, the political and government powers which rule the nation and promise to solve all the problems of mortality in order to usher in an earthly paradise. This week we continue to explore how the process of secularization doesn’t lead to an atheist utopia, it leads to the worship of the Cult of the State. From Dr. Carl Jung, page 54:

Far too little attention has been paid to the fact that our age, for all its irreligiousness, is hereditarily burdened with the specific achievement of the Christian epoch: the supremacy of the word, of the Logos, which stands for the central figure of our Christian faith. The word has literally become our god and so it has remained, even if we know of Christianity only from hearsay. Words like “society” and “State” are so concretized that they are almost personified. In the opinion of the man on the street, the “State,” far more than any king in history, is the inexhaustible giver of all good; the “State” is invoked, made responsible, grumbled at, and so on and so forth. Society is elevated to the rank of a supreme ethical principle; indeed, it is credited with positively creative capacities.

Logos is “the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning.” (Britannica, Logos) This ancient Grecian concept became the basic for the Western ideal of the nature and meaning of all Creation. With the advent of Christianity, the Logos became the revelation of the purpose, power, and nature of reality as manifested in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word (or Logos) of God. (See John 1:1) Thus, the Logos was literally God as the Logos is Christ and Christ is God. Therefore, in the Logos, in the Word of God, could one find all meaning and purpose. And though our modern age seems to increasingly pride itself on its secularism, it has, as Jung explained, inherited this religious reliance upon a singular Word to be the organizing and meaning giving principle of all existence.

Today though it is not Jesus which acts as the primary vehicle for meaning, it is the State. The State, with its endless bureaucracies and seemingly limitless supply of functionaries, with its universal presence in human life, with its all-knowing prophetic politicians, with its claim to inexhaustible wealth, with its seemingly endless power to reorganize all of life and society on the whims of the political elite. It is the State which tells us our place in society, our purpose in existing, that determines when and where we live, and claims the authority to dictate to us everything from who and how we can love to what we can eat or drink, even how we can die.

It is the State which tells us who to love and how to hate. From childhood we are indoctrinated into its ideology and taught to excommunicate as apostate traitors those who question its authority. All that good comes from it, and to question it is to be heretic to be derided in the worst terms the present age can muster – racist, homophobe, sexist, transphobe, greedy, callous, hateful, grandma killer, etc. – no matter how its actions destroy your individual life.

The Logos of the present day, the God of the Modern Age, has become the State itself.

And, founded upon human sacrifice, it is the bloodiest god that has ever ruled.

The 20th century saw steady decline in religion all through its latter half while agnosticism and atheism have only grown. (Pew, Decline of Christianity Continues) We live in an increasingly secular age, an age which has saw more blood and horror than any before it. In his work Power Kills, Dr. R.J. Rummel studied the mass murders of the 20th century and all of them were secular states, with the worst being the atheist nations. At least 61,911,000 people were slaughtered by the secular Socialist regime of the Soviet Union. Between 35,000,000 and 45,000,000 were murdered by the atheist Socialist Chinese regime under Mao alone. The secular National Socialists in Germany murdered over 20,000,000. The secular nationalists in China murdered over 10,000,000 before losing to Mao’s socialist forces. (See the Power Kills website maintained by the University of Hawaii for more examples.)

In these few secular and atheistic nations alone, we see between 151,000,000 and 161,000,000 people murdered in some of the most horrific, brutal, evil manners possible. Why? Because the worship of the State leads to subservience and obedience to it. In pursuit of its promises of secular perfection, Eden on Earth, nothing is forbidden and everything is permissible. When you eliminate God that means there is no higher authority than the Government and the difference between good and evil rest upon its whims. And the whims of the State are always towards increasing its power. If a few people die, so what? You can’t have Paradise without breaking a few eggs. Or skulls.

The result of the deification of the Government has been the greatest suffering and slaughter ever seen in all of human history, both in quantities and qualities. The secular Cult of the State is one built on human sacrifice in a quantity that would’ve put the Aztecs and Mayans to shame.


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