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  • William H. Douglas

The Roots To The Top Cause Of Death ~ Democide

In this article I continue our exploration of Dr. Carl Jung’s insights into the origins of the State and its effects on myriad aspects of society as found in his last great work, The Undiscovered Self. Lats article, we explored how the growing power of the State leads to the destruction of the individual. We continue to build on these observations below.

The bigger the crowd the more negligible the individual becomes. But if the individual, overwhelmed by the sense of his own puniness and impotence, should feel that his life has lost its meaning – which, after all, is not identical with public welfare and higher standards of living – then he is already on the road to State slavery and, without knowing or wanting it, has becomes its proselyte. The man who looks only outside and quails before the big battalions has no resource with which to combat the evidence of his senses and his reason. But that is just what is happening today: we are all fascinated and overawed by statistical truths and large numbers and are daily apprised of the nullity and futility of the individual personality, since it is not represented and personified by any mass organization.

Conversely, those personages who strut about on the world stage and whose voices are heard far and wide seem, to the uncritical public, to be borne along on some mass movement or on the tide of public opinion and for this reason are either applauded or execrated. Since mass suggestion plays the predominant role here, it remains a moot point whether their message is their own, for which they are personally responsible, or whether they merely function as a megaphone for collective opinion. [pgs. 10-11, added paragraphization]

Individualists are individualists not because they’re arrogant or selfish – just the opposite. It is because we recognize that every human being is worthy of dignity and respect and those aren’t just political platitudes for us. Every person is worthy of being able to pursue happiness, to choose to live the sort of life which he or she believe will greatly magnify his or her joy upon this Earth, that add value and meaning to his or her existence. And the only person who can possibly determine what those things are which bring so much joy for the individual person, what make that specific person happy and gives meaning and value to that individual’s life, is his or her own self. No other person or conglomerate of people are omniscient enough to know how to design the perfect pencil at the perfect price, much less design the perfect human life. This is something we all intuitively understand when confronted with individuals giving us orders – most people will not do what you order them to do on the streets no matter how many Ph.D.’s you have – but which we forget, or doublethink away, when it comes to the State.

When it comes to the State, to the government, we accept the political doctrine that because of its data, because of its scientific experts, because of its vast array of resources, it can do what we otherwise know is impossible – that it, through judicious application of its power and wealth can design the perfect human life and wipe away the problems of human existence. This powerful delusion not only ignores the fact that in most of the problems of the world it is some action of the State – the problems of war, crime, poverty, and famine are all made exponentially worse by the State than they would be without it – but it actually contradicts everything we actually know about reality and human nature. If people are evil, corrupt, greedy, sinful -in short untrustworthy and corrupt- then the last thing that makes sense to do is to give them the power to realize their lusts by placing into their hands the powers of government. But we do it because, as Dr. Jung notes, we are overawed by the apparent omnipotence and omniscience of the State. Its indoctrination and its apparent grandeur lull us into believing that it can do what no one can and in that conviction we surrender ourselves to it.

In comparison to the State and its dazzling (but false) glory, the individual is made to feel and appear insignificant. And it treats us as such – something you can see clearly in the recent pandemics where governments have overridden the ability of individuals to make their own medical and life decisions. The State’s experts, its technocrats, claim all the authority and all the knowledge necessary to run our lives and ensure our comfort, safety, and health if we would but obey them. People are merely data that can be manipulated as needed for the State’s ends. This, of course, always falls apart. Just look at the lock-downs.

The State technocrats promised that through lock-downs, masking, and social distance and isolation that Covid-19 could be controlled and its spread arrested. They promised they were saving lives. And when the lock-downs failed, famine spread, and the suffering became so great that people would rather die from Covid-19 than be cut off from humanity anymore, the government technocrats treated all the suffering of those people as statistics to be discarded in the goal of the “collective good.” Individuals, they claimed, are clearly too stupid to make their own choices, only the strutting sages of the State are smart enough to decide how you live, what your life is worth, and how you die.

But how could the “experts” know what to do? Yes, they were experts on the spread of viruses, but even in virology there was a plethora of science demonstrating that lock-downs were and would be failures. And what about employment? Were the people calling for the lock-downs experts in employment? Did they understand that over 33 million people in America alone would lose their jobs and their means of survival? Did the experts decide to let these people become homeless and starve anyway? Were the virologists and politicians calling for lock-downs also expert economists? Did they understand that the lock-downs would destroy the global economic web, causing worldwide famine?

Did they know that skyrocketing prices and shutting down businesses would threaten hundreds of millions, billions even, with mass starvation? Did they know they were murdering children and did it anyway? Were the virologists and politicians calling for lock-downs also expert in psychology? Did they know that there would be a worldwide wave of domestic violence, depression, and suicides? Did they know that suicides would double in places all over the world? Did the experts know they were driving people to murder themselves because of the mental terror and anguished caused by their fear-mongering and isolation?

The answer to all these questions is a simple, single word. “No.” They were not psychologists, sociologists, economists, employment specialists, historians, or farmers. The virologists and politicians weren’t experts in any of these fields, much less all of them, but they still spoke and acted as they were. This means even the statement that “experts” were leading the nations of the world and calling for lockdowns, was and is a lie. Whatever you want to claim about someone like Dr. Anthony Fauci, he was not an economist and listening to him give economic advice – such as shutting down businesses – is not listening to an expert. It is listening to an uninformed cretin equal to any other person on the street. We were not then nor now are led by “experts.” We are led by people claiming power over every aspect of society based on their narrow and limited knowledge of but one small aspect of existence lying to you about their actual knowledge and people believe them because they so perfectly preach the lies of the State that we have been indoctrinated to believe since kindergarten.

But it isn’t enough to merely point out that they aren’t experts. We must realize that the entire claim to possible expertise is a myth.

They did not know what would happen when they started locking down society and they could not know. Human existence is far too complex, filled with far too much information, and containing far too many variables for any single person or group of people – no matter how large, how well educated, or how “expert” – to adequately comprehend, direct, or order. Humans are not gods. And to treat them as if they were, to kowtow to the self-proclaimed expert classes and be subservient to the declarations, believing that if we but do their will then they will fix society, is blasphemy and idolatry because it treats humans as if they were deities. The lockdowns, with their millions of deaths from global famines and suicides caused by the lockdowns, are proof of what happens when we forget this truth.

Collectivism is the precursor to mass murder.


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