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  • Michael Morris Jr.

“The Thought That Counts”

Most of us have heard the phrase "it's the thought that counts", but what does that really mean? When someone says this phrase in a genuine context, what they mean is that no matter what happened, the other person or people invested a significant amount of consideration into them and or the situation. It means that regardless of how things may have ended up, those who were doing the thinking had the best intentions and were actively thinking of others.

It is easy with the lack of activism we see in most people to become disappointed, or even disenfranchised. Things have seemingly gotten much worse in the world, and we can see about the same amount of solutions focused activism as we have always seen. This is because most people have been encouraged and trained not to think, so the thoughts cannot count. The average person has lost touch with what it means to think about or empathize with others on a humanitarian scale.

Thinking about others in a deep and profound way, being considerate of how our space affects the space of others, cordial, polite, accommodating. These characteristics shape our activism, and our lives. When conversing with individuals about various topics, we should not judge them for not being more of an activist, or the kind of activist we are, or the kind of activist we want them to be. It is important to recognize that activism is a very broad spectrum and no one can cover every aspect individually. This is "it's the thought that counts". If someone shows an intentional lack of consideration for themselves and others with regard to activism, that's when they are "part of the problem".

To be able to verify through one's actions that they have put at least some thought into the content of their mind and heart, is a clear sign that they can be worked with. One does not have to pick up trash as a Hobby as EvolvingSeeds Activists do, if they are progressively responsible for their own trash. One does not have to go out and feed all homeless people every week. Occasionally helping one person or a few people a month is better than nothing and… it's the thought that counts.

Blindly and selfishly accepting or advocating "society" as it stands, reveals a total lack of critical thinking. Too many aspects of social concern impact everyone for anyone to be complacent about them. Often in activist circles we say we have more respect for our "enemy" than one who does not care. At least the socio-economic and spiritual enemies have to consider in order to control. Even the most avid statist (one that supports and or BELIEVES in the concept of government) has at the very least thought about the various components of important issues and world topics, even if their conclusions were distorted.

Those who do not care, not always but usually have not given enough thought to have come to an accurate conclusion about how to proceed moving forward, or they would care. It is the complacency of the masses that enables the tyranny of "evil" men. Therefore it is incumbent upon everyone who considers themselves to be "decent people" to thoughtfully probe the nature of their relation to the goings on of mankind. Do their thoughts, emotions, and/or actions increase equity and morality, or decrease it?

The thought that counts most is the thought that there are thoughts to be thought that don't necessarily benefit us immediately. The consideration of others is not all that makes us decent people, following through determines success, but it surely separates us from the true savages of this world. Those who do not spare a thought for the suffering of others, the increasing injustice, and those who do not care about the conditions of their immediate, external and internal environments are hardly “civilized" let alone enlightened.

The inability to identify the source of suffering, and properly empathize with one's own suffering and or the suffering of others is a clear sign that someone is under heavy mind control; possibly to the point of being a secondary psychopath. These secondary psychopaths were not born psychopathic but became secondary psychopaths by way of deliberate and forced indoctrination and the resulting schism that is bred from the collision between the indoctrination and the cognitive dissonance one naturally experienced when a sentient being "lives a lie". The thoughts that count are the ones that liberate us from our own ego so that we can experience hard truth without the associated blame and shame game that the uninitiated play with themselves.

What thoughts have you thought that were at least seemingly original thoughts to you? What thoughts have you thought or do you think that were not patented, packaged and then shipped into your brain? What work have you done with your own mind that did not include the approval of strangers made into peers or authorities? What did you learn that is not being taught? What have you learned from within yourself based on the world around you? Have you critically assessed yourself? Have you checked yourself?

What thoughts do you have that you would consider counting toward your true personal growth outside of your perceived socio-economic status. Who do your thoughts benefit most? Do your thoughts omit you from culpability in many important personal and social ways? If you do not hold and modify deeply held convictions about important personal and social affairs, then you have been mentally, emotionally and spiritually lobotomized.

Our intention with this is to plant the seeds of doubt in the preconceived notions individuals may have about the way they truly operate in the world they live in. To ask the question, "are you a good person," and what makes you think that you're a “good person”? "Good person" does not mean you always cater to others or consider them. It means that you think or consider their suffering and what role you have in that suffering through your thoughts, emotions and actions. If you are not participating in the suffering of others, in what ways are you working to reduce that arbitrary, unnecessary and ultimately manufactured suffering?

Being aware that the wholesale abuse and slaughter of animals for human consumption is brutal, and taking steps to reduce your contributions to evil is far better than deliberately remaining oblivious or apathetic, or in favor of a particular brand of evil. One does not have to be a seasoned abolitionist if they have the sincere thought to act in the moments that beckon their morality. You do not have to save the world, you just have to “save yourself” per-say. The thoughts that count are the ones that will get you to that sacred and inevitable place. Thank you for your consideration.


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