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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

The World Wants You Confused ~ What Do We Do?

There exists many concepts and people in the world and it's easy to be confused. You can't be blamed in a world of constant bombardment, with advertisements and people telling you what to do, how to do it and what not to do, on and on. Additionally, the amount of advice like this, with people claiming they are right or merely complaining about the problems, or offering solutions usually bragging to you, or putting it behind a pay-wall, potentially scamming you, it being a solution you can't do or it being a solution that’s just another potential problem and a waste of your time. So we get stuck, so we give up, so we get addicted, so we crash and burn.

What do we do? Well the answer is simple, it has remained all along. And this is not to say the solution is some simplistic nonsense that you should pass off. It is so simplistic, so natural, that's why it's not talked about or understood in today's world. I'm saying the answer is nature itself. And the first question that may come to mind is well how could that be? What does that mean? Or especially, how am I supposed to apply that in my life? Maybe you have some preconceived notions of what this answer should be, and that's the real reason you’re confused in this life. For instance, why ask “how could nature be” if it already is, it is life itself. Why ask “what does that mean” if nature can't be defined, and therefore can be defined an infinite amount of ways. Finally, why ask “how am I supposed to apply that in my life” if nature cannot be applied because it is given. 

See, few will tell you that the answers are already given to you. But even if they do, they may want you to be dependent on them to tell you how so and still what to do. But your mind is your own, is it not? Your body is your own, is it not? Why look for someone to help you, when only you can help you. They can certainly assist, but the word consumerism means something for a reason. We fall into it's trap and we can't get out. The key is to know who you are beyond the drink, so you aren't drinking all day. To know you are in a house, so you aren't in the house all day. To know you are on your phone, so you aren't on your phone all day. To know what isn't real or what is a lie, so you know what is real or what is the honest truth. We often set our own limits. If you see the world from the point of view of nature for a second, the world consists of many minds, many people, many ways to look at the world, and you see how it's all connected, and therefore how everything is dependent on one another.

With this worldview, you see both yourself and your place within the world. In such a way, you won't be quick to assume you know one way or another, and you will approach things with a much greater view or knowledge. By default from this position, out goes the identities, the politics, sciences and religions of all kinds. You assume these to be important to you, but from the view of nature, they are, but also aren't. To see this polarity among other polarities, like you and nature itself, will help you realize that's what makes them inseparable. In other words, the fact everybody has different opinions is a beautiful thing, because it's what makes us unique and who we are honestly ourselves.

In the same way, all the different religions don't need to fight each other if they accepted each other's mere presence, even if they totally disagreed. They are in fact all products of nature. For even if someone claims to have the truth, would not the truth speak for itself and rise above on its own over time? Why must we as humanity try and attempt to create truth, if truth is ever present? Asking and understanding this very thing, will help us understand what I mean when I say “nature is the answer.” It's the answer because we cast away the subjective bias and ego that is our own mind projecting onto reality. It's the answer because we were born of the world, it brought us to where we are, it keeps us alive, we owe it our respect, not our dominion and separation over it. Nature creates beautiful paintings effortlessly everyday, the sun makes us sleepy, the ocean waves make us calm, and these are all always here for you.

Some claim that the perceived problems of nature make it not the answer, such as the poisons which are your choice and ignorance to touch or the storms which you know about, can be geo-engineered, which you can prevent damage to the man made attachments you shouldn't hold so dearly and are able to predict, and with nature's authority simply showing itself time to time. Why attack the inevitable, when you can have mastery and flow. Those who claim to love nature but yet still take play in the man made affairs, don't realize the play they are doing, and therefore they make life to be the illusion they cast and a shadow of themselves. Nature merely gives them their own karma or effects to their own actions, and those who see nature, are able to see the patterns and effects, enough to realize they can work with nature by listening to it. Not imposing upon it or figuring out the best ways to manipulate it to our benefit, but rather finding out the best ways to work with the given for the benefit of all. To say we are perfect and don't need to try and perfect nature if we just learn to let go without fear or insecurity, to say that order will manifest itself if we stop obsessing over our own ideals of order.

The problem was our own lack of trust, our needs that weren't really needs, the idea that we should indoctrinate our kids into a system that isn't supportive of ones nature, thus creating a multi-generational lack of care for nature. And to see this as the problem, if we don't, that's a problem in itself, for whom wishful positive thinking alone will not solve. The negative isn't to be ignored, and nor does it need to be seen as negative; the positive isn't to be ignored, and nor does it need to be seen as positive. This isn't new age thought, this revelation doesn't give me any new title or designation, this doesn't change who I fundamentally am, this isn't spiritual or even having to be said as natural. For if it is truly natural, it is effortless, it is forever existent and universal. But who am I to say, find out for yourself, indeed, for yourself; if you truly will.


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