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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

To Learn With Your Heart

The type of person who deserves good and that of knowledge is every person. It is not that they deserve only one type of knowledge, and they certainly do not need knowledge if it is not based in reality, but only a construct of the mind. However to be good requires heart, whereas to know requires mind. While of course these organs work together and figuratively so, the heart carries most of the weight because it is the center of who we are, it our core much like that of the earth. These words represent mostly the mind, but the emotions which most people actually desire and actually live to deal with commonly - as is my reason for making these words - it is found in the heart.

For many years we go through our lives from one moment to the next, a memory to an experience and cycled, all to continually realize we must be present. Because if we go too fast, we crash, we realize where we are, we come back to ourselves, our families, our values. The mind rushes, the heart slows. The mind thinks but the heart feels. This world of technology is much of thought, but that which drove the very being of technology is much of feeling. Wanting to create something amazing, wanting to feel connected. From the center, the tree grows, the roots spread amongst. If you create a hole in the ground, it is bound to be filled. In the same way, you touch the heart of another individual, you help them ground, center and become fulfilled through the rest of their life, for you hit the roots to the roots. Legs without a heart will not move, a brain without a heart will not perceive. It is no wonder why the heart is likened much to that of the soul, and the concept of the soul seems lost in a world of the mind.

It's almost as if we limited our ability, to claim the heart or soul is not scientific, I would say to this “well, why of course it isn't, but does that give it illegitimacy?” The heart wanders, it tells the mind where to go, again, may you see this as mere emotion. I'm not claiming to have pure emotion, for your mind exists for great reason, however I am saying that the mind of the mind is this heart that is actually in control most of the time. To even ponder upon these words and their necessity, do you use your mind or do you use your heart. Which is more contracting and which is more embracing. Which creates arguments and which guides and coaches. If truth had any tool then, it would be the heart, not the mind. Philosophy can guide an individual but only so much without the heart to bear it's embrace in the first place. An individual must be open to learn in order to learn in the first place. This is among asking, what is it that opens the mind? Is it the mind itself? Do ponder if it's the heart. For the acts of nonviolence by individuals like Gandhi, the need to act comes from knowledge in the mind, not mere instinct or feeling, yet the mode of action and the reason why that very knowledge exists is emotion, is feeling. Studies upon natural moral law, concern a knowledge of the mind, yet focused on harm, an emotion of the heart. Studies upon health, a knowledge of the mind, yet focused on harm, an emotion of the heart. If it be we just let disease run its course, we'd be embracing that which we do not like to embrace, not just that it is a disease.

However if we say it is a disease, why do we correlate it with dis-ease, unless we'd have a comparison so to say we can live with ease? The very comparison is made from the heart.

Every past philosopher and new philosophy made was created because of the heart, a feeling that something is not right, even if it really is not right, what invokes such a feeling? We do recognize it's a feeling. Are we to say the mind controls all of this? Be it does, but again, what controls the mind? And to say we've figured it all out, what are we using, the mind or the heart? When people speak of ideology and politics, do they come from the heart, actually? Or do they go based on agendas, what they were taught, conceptions in the mind of their own with no regard to the minds of others, or in regards to the truth of the whole world and its natural reality. If it be they were to regard all things, they'd not have an agenda. Their mind would be so open not to be controlling of other minds, because they recognize it as their own, but what dictates the fact it's their own? We may say that from the heart comes all concepts of ownership and morality, and it cannot go ignored. Those claiming it subjectivity matters not, and those claiming it's objectivity matters not because it follows no standard, nor does it follow no standard at all. Life is a test of accuracy, of direction, upon finding purpose and realizing our presence. Not just our moment now but our moment forever. In other words, you strive to be right, but you'll never be always right, that does not mean you abandon right. In the same way, you strive for love, but you'll never always have love, that does not mean you abandon love. And the same with your very life and living. It's easy to be stuck in the past when that's all we ever have with us carried into the present, but remembering the present is our closest thing to the future which can change while the past cannot. Similarly, it's easy to be stuck in the mind, but the heart is the closest thing to an individual which can make real impact while the mind cannot. The destruction of concepts concerning love is the destruction of society.

An individual seeks love when they seek fulfillment, not that they cannot self love or find it among individuals not commonly perceived for love, including pets. When love is placed in the unnatural, in material things, love can not be given back because they are not conscious; the love you receive is an illusion. Why do I say this and how do I know this? It doesn't create, it only consumes. And time shows, it never truly fulfills. Unless, that is, you use the material thing in further advancing those things natural, as it is man not abandoning nature, or the mind not abandoning the heart, the future not abandoning the past, the past not abandoning the present. May I repeat, every individual deserves love and may not even know if another individual is seeking love, or in good intent, or if it be their vision of love is confused or tempted because the heart cannot abandon the mind either; you listen or read these words for the heart, do you not? The yin and the yang, both essential for the other. Yet without question, an answer only assumes one.

For every one, there is two, hence you have three; you may see this not only in love, but with the mind and heart giving way to the guts to act; the masculine and feminine giving way to the balance, the past and future giving way to the present. And where are you? On that way, amongst all you are. May you notice words may never perfectly describe that of the heart, mere images may never perfectly depict that of the vision, man and his mind may never fulfill that of both nature and heart because nature and the heart are one, so much as the mind may be if it is allowed into being from the center. You may know thyself and love yourself, but you will need still need love from another. As it is the roots searching for water and giving to life it's own nutrients in return. And worry not about your need for love as you love, doing your best, your loveliest; for it will humble you to know not of expectation and observe those who fumble upon love as they fail to temptation among the lack of environment, unconsciousness among the consciousness. We don't grow one way, we grow on all sides but from the center. To find love, be love, never abandon it so much as honesty, never abandon it so much as yourself, because it creates you; and if you love humanity or want them to have the ability to create as opposed to destroy, consider not legitimizing a system based on violence known as government, start embracing voluntaryism.


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