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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

What Is REAL Great Work?

What work is actually desired work. Not just work that you want to do, but work that is necessary for the evolution of humanity. It may seem so grand for ourselves to comprehend. But are we not to have a higher purpose than merely ourselves, that extends to others and toward a world where we can enjoy more of the things we want to enjoy? One may argue that we can work toward a world of no work, but there is always work to be done, however, that being said, the work changes time to time.

While chattel slavery was the backbone of the world for many years of human history, it no longer had to be the work done, and humans could still be productive. With the moral change, came even greater innovations, and this is greatly due to the very nature of freedom, it allows possibility, that includes the ability to create what hasn't been created before. That also means, competition for what products or services are best. That does not come with some downsides and nor do we ever lose our guard, in fact, it should make us more on the guard. For if we were not of freedom, our minds would be molded so we wouldn't have to use them. An easy life of servitude, yet one lacking of any purpose or greater work in life, and this is what Frederick Douglas could not avoid once he learned to educate himself as a slave. To see your own slavery, it is something you can't unsee after. For we must admit, when an individual discovers and understands the reality and importance behind political slavery, statism and voluntaryism, there is no going back to politics, there is no more division, there is no more war or willing order followers.

To speak of a world without war is unthinkable just as much as it may have been unthinkable to perceive a world without chattel slavery in the 1800s, but that does not mean we abandon truth we see so plainly and obviously. We only give exception to the obvious truth we see due to societal expectations and lifelong indoctrination, the fear of freedom or possibility, ultimately, the destruction of imagination, whilst all is possible shall we put our minds to it. Think about the great accomplishments in history, all the people who make videos online showing their achievements, doing the unthinkable and achieving what few can do; yet, we look at humanity as a whole, and we cannot do this? All you need to do is look at the development of technology, the internet and AI, clearly something new, so not to say that history merely repeats. And these have revolutionized the world in such a way to completely alter and change our current reality in nearly every way possible. Again, this comes with it's upsides and downsides, but is there any going back? We must live with the evolution, and learn in how to do so. Just think of all the many laws which will not apply when anyone can replicate anything and nobody knows what's real, or when anybody can do anything in anyway or with AI, being able to fly and so on, and so forth. Technology was born of freedom and breeds of freedom. Similarly, our nature to express and love and create in the first place, that of which ever created technology, is certainly born of freedom and bred of freedom.

Freedom is the most important because it is that which carries the spirit, the ability to breathe, to speak, to act, to do anything; freedom is the requirement. And when one lives by slavery, they die by slavery; whereas when one lives by freedom, they die by freedom. You ought to question which cause individuals bring with them into the next generation, and this is ultimately the great work. It is that of freedom and looking upon the present for a better future. To know that what we currently know will affect what we reality we currently have, onwards into what we can know and can have, as we see this can only grow, especially in the presence of evolution, books, cameras and other forms of technology. It is no wonder why technology has become a creative outlet for many to express themselves, let us simply know it is not ourselves, it is merely a tool for which we shall know of something higher, our natural intelligence, our natural selves. For if we lose this root, we lose the tree, we lose the structure we've long built. If we want to continue the work of such a tree and structure, it's in maintaining those roots to then recognizing that whole; and worry not, nature will remind us, so long as we listen.

So for what work we should do, it would be to listen to others, let them be free among ourselves, we learn together and teach each other, and we realize that politics and governments do none of this, but only restricts and imposes yet never solving anything, only making problems worse, as it assumes to be the source of freedom and the medium through which life is required. It never was born of roots, it is continually a faulty structure that falls with great catastrophe. Your philosophy is actually what you live by, hence your wisdom is your experience as action. Live by illusion, die by illusion. I'd rather, live by truth and life itself, and die by such, for the truth and life will continue to live on.


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