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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

Your Spotlight In The Show Of Life

Everywhere you can find the light of the world. And upon finding that light, you find yourself. It's existence in speaking needs not express to others, it needs only to express. In other words, the light of action carries the word. Nature doesn't speak to us in words, we form words based on our observations from the actions of nature. Nature proves her mastery to us and shows us her harmony.

We can either watch the show, participate in the show or do our best to ignore the show, but your present vision is your only vision despite the man made television, nature is the only show and you are already part of it. At times, you watch the other participants, and at other times, you participate. The one who is watching is your fellow participant, and their action depends upon your action. You could be scripted in your ways and so the show becomes predictable, people lose interest, the uniqueness and beauty that is life and it's complexity loses sense. Inversely, you could be yourself, in which you have no role, you become a star ever shining upon the night sky for all to admire in the show. You could be the light of the world, an example of mere being. I never said what you did, all I said is that you be. And being that you are merely being, you again, have no script.

Our thoughts may come to us, but beyond our thoughts is our corresponding body. A mind without a body has no home, and it will not be on stage, nonetheless express on stage. Stagnant the body, so the mind. Many people expect a script, expect certain expressions, so they stagnate your expression, they ultimately stagnate the show. By attempting to control all things, participants grow unhappy and things become more out of control. If a show were to work a certain way, it would have a flow to it, so not to appear as a show, but as a reality. Most would attend this show. And most would see it as impactful and everlasting. And indeed, the show that is nature has it's way which anyone can flow with, unless they need to control otherwise.

An audience inspired to be actors, but actors inspired to be stars; they everlast as they find themselves, for to be an actor never implied that one must be fake, but that one must merely act. And for much of action, is also inaction, as every exhale requires an inhale, every sense of presence requires an empty space which allows it, every silence allows the listening. More is gained in less, yet all is gained in nature; and all, being more, is thus less, as is the fact that if nature is everything, it can't be explained in words, it can't be fulfilled in things. It can only be best fulfilled in presence, which ever creates all things and words.

Throughout life, it is easy to distract, easy to judge and easy to conform, yet ever easy it is to not do those things, and to simply be, if you choose to be. Instead, humanity has chosen the hard route, making it appear easy when in fact, it is an actor trying too hard, being something he is not and doing what would otherwise be done better. The show goes on, but you will know which ones go on with it.

“The soul cries out from it’s enslavement of past ages for broader, higher, greater Liberty, for complete moral, physical, and political freedom, not only in its aspirations, but in its limitless capabilities of thought and power. In every direction the force which is to break down the barriers of the past is gathering.” - 20th Century Abolitionist Benjamin Tucker


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