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  • Sara Cross

Self-Mastery ~ Balance Your Feminine & Masculine Energy

If there is a fractured infrastructure within the individual, nothing on the external, physical expression of this individual will be functional. There cannot be external or constructive health and growth in the physical realm if there is none within the self. This being said, the first thing for anyone to focus on, is the personal, inner self. The question here then is, what next? "I have created a balanced, healthy and functional inner self. Where do I go from here? What happens now? Why does it matter? How do I practice this in my life?"

The next step in the natural order of physical development in the external world is to pair up with a mate, who is capable of operating with the balance that the individual has created for themselves. A natural gravitational pull will take place for the balanced individual. That individual will attract the person (or people) that need or connect to the individual because that is what the other individual required for their completed inner self to express in the external world. The operation of the feminine and masculine in working order within the two individuals teamed up with the operation of the external, physical manifestation of the feminine representation (woman) and the masculine representation (men) will be able to create a functional, healthy external experience for themselves, their environment and their futures. This is a good example of where the "you get what you ask for" statement comes into play. The individual(s) "asked" to have this balance within themselves and their lives through the correct application of thought, emotion and action. Spirit, Mind, God, Source, Whatever… responded to this request and those possibilities opened up. This is what true magic is, the creation through the Mind and Body to create a physical manifestation.

In some cases it is a good consideration to take in ones' entire community and think of it as your “family community.” Our community has strength in all different ways due to each individual within that community all experiencing unique expressions that benefit this or that part of the community in unique ways. Keeping in mind that a child's first and foremost important steward in their lives are their parents, also take in consideration the sometimes that child also requires the “family community” to assist in the inner development of the child in order for the child to develop in a structurally, sound balanced way all-round. The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” is an appropriate one and based in traditional care and practice within the functional development of any community that would like to experience healthy balance.

We may “lead by example” but this  is not the action of forcing others to comply with our own wishes. It is rather by allowing natural developments take place as is required in that external environment. By showing how functional balance operates within an individual, even silently, will rub off on other individuals within the same environment who will notice this balance and strive to find that same functional balance within themselves. And even without any words ever being spoken out loud, we have "alarm bells" that go off inside the physical biological body that is meant to tell us information on when we are going "wrong" or going “right.” This is a gift we are given by Spirit to help guide us. One that is currently being purposefully destroyed by the ruling class.

Another issue we are facing within the external, modern environment we are all sharing is the conditioning  of making snap judgments without knowledge. People take in another’s dress, composure and even their physical looks into how they are now going to treat this individual. They may even have a few minutes or hours of conversation, and this one single, solitary conversation can be used as the basis for a snap judgment. This one experience with that particular individual can form this solid idea in the other that the person is trash, unworthy, unteachable, unreachable, and whatever else they conclude. The problem with this is all people are complex, and usually not fully balanced individuals and no judgment can be made on anyone without a proper amount of time and context, or information that is spent with the individual. Just because someone says something like “I was born Jewish (or whatever faith system) and grew up with this idea about God” does not mean they should be discounted as an individual who is requiring something to develop even further than what they have so far experienced. We encounter certain other individuals with our physical expression for a reason. We are requiring, needing or developing towards an inner spiritual goal that maybe we don't even understand ourselves, until we reach that goal. To judge before full knowledge is a trap and will always be a spiritual brick wall.

Activist Sara Cross shares her experience: “When I think about how I want to communicate this behavior often I use the ‘lead by example’ method. This often gets the response I want from others. They will come to me on their own natural compulsion and seek something from me. But when I choose to verbally express I use my thoughts, emotions and actions to conduct myself in order get a clear message out. I often choose not to speak only to people who are like minded. I am not deterred by the possibility that those who I seek to speak out to will not want to listen to me. I do it anyways. I know that even if they hate or resent me externally, there is a fraction of Spirit within them that is nudging at them to listen and take in something that will benefit them. I have had people who out right will tell me I'm a lunatic and then 6 months later come back and want more of what I have to say. This is because I planted at least one tiny little speck of light within them and it has nagged them till they developed enough within themselves to see past their conditioning. Perhaps, I required something from them. Some kind of experience that assisted me in my own development. I, personally, will never discount any individual who gravitates into my environment no matter who they are, what they say or what their reasons are for their treatment towards me. In one way or another, they need me and I need them.”

We cannot force anyone to develop before their time. Even ourselves. And though we are the gatekeepers to our own inner workings, an individual can only and will only develop as their fraction of Spirit is capable of doing so. This involves the inner and external, masculine and feminine, found within each and every individual.

The inner feminine aspect of the self is the formative energy, inward development, and able to provide guidance, direction and constraint. It is the spiritual muse, the inspiration behind the physical action. The inner masculine aspect of the self is the strength behind care, the capability to enact. The external female (woman) is representing dominantly the inner feminine aspects of the self. The physical manifested woman is in a position to excel at unique qualities such as the keeping of home and health, childcare and the guidance of the feminine development. The external masculine (man) is representing dominantly the inner masculine aspects of the self. The physical manifested man is in a position to excel at unique qualities such as the keeping of security of home and health, stability and the guidance of the masculine development.

When the union of both the fully balanced, realized and complete manifested Man and Woman come together in order to create the future, they will by natural order create a balanced, realized and complete manifested reality for themselves and all that comes into contact with them. This is the natural cycle of reality and if left alone without interference by external negative forces, this is what the result will be.

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