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  • Cory Edmund Endrulat

Suppression Breeds “Conspiracy Theorists”

The kind of content those who challenge the mainstream narrative have to produce, is not ordinarily the same as any other content. It doesn't follow the same guidelines, it doesn't appeal to the same audiences, it doesn't often make people's day better. Yet, if it weren't for them, who would? And if they challenge the mainstream for some sense of truth not yet embraced, then a better day is the goal, a better future and world is the destiny. In addition, if they choose to be on certain platforms to share such, they can only hope the guidelines may support their efforts just as anyone else would. Also, the thoughts that arise in such individuals means they are not alone, and sooner or later, people will come to know of them and they find an audience. Therefore, it may seem that actually, those who challenge the status quo are in fact still on fair grounds with those who don't.

Except, one big problem. It is the nature of the status quo and the current said truths of the time, that it is at war with deceit and censorship. It is married, just as much as slavery and rebellion. The hardships will be unlike anything else, the more extreme the views become. It should also be said that the call for suppressing an individual other than you, is asking for your own suppression; and this is in every form, as it is the golden rule. Despite this, voluntary communities will always persist, and to respect boundaries as such, is often the very reason why people concern so much for the truth when it isn't respected. Especially when those who speak truth feel as if they aren't being heard, in a world where certain platforms dominate and actively push certain content that continues deceit, or suppression takes place and people ignore it. If it weren't for systems of suppression, there would be no systematic truthers. If it weren't for disregard and attack, there would be less fuel to the fire of those with their burning passion in sharing truth.

The act of suppression essentially breeds distrust and division, the need for transparency and unity. This is no surprise psychologically and by also understanding the ancient wisdom of Taoism. More controls do not breed more unity and order, but actually quite the opposite. And it is not that social platforms are to have no controls, it's to say that contrary to popular belief, freedom creates order with the proper restraints that make freedom possible. Those proper restraints are debated endlessly in governments because it uses violence against those who do not comply. Whereas, when it comes to social platforms, such restraints are not so much the issue if one can merely voluntarily leave such platforms, join others or create their own; however again, the problem arises when these platforms become dominant, individuals feel like they have no choice. In reality however, they do. They always do. For governments, they always don't, unless they are without, for which this possibility tells us again, people always do have the choice even when they think they totally don't. People create all these systems, the businesses, the products, the services, the industries, the governments, the religions, all of it.

Even if it be that some people claim these come of the works of God or nature, it is man who delivers and man who adds his touch, and that is always his choice. For what we know what is given by nature that we cannot change by choice, is truth itself. And those who limit choice, can only attempt to do so, when truth has it that we are always to have choice, and in addition, truth is always one of the choices. This means that those who limit truth, limit choice, and those who limit choice, limit truth. Those who limit voluntary interaction, limit freedom and ownership, they limit the rules which tell us the problem with rulers. Limits is all that can be set for ones nature, because it has infinite potential, a light ever waiting to be shined. Whereas, the individual of truth doesn't set limits upon evil, they abolish it all together, because it's evil and it should not be permitted. The only limits the individual of truth sets, is their own, because again, the rules overrule the rulers, the individual overrules some person imagining to be some "authority" over people. Why is it precisely that the ordinary individual overrules authority figures? Because in truth, we are all just people, and they stand with the truth.


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