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We Have A REAL Responsibility For The FUTURE Of Mankind!

How can a people be blamed for all the ails of the world without realizing we’ve got a mortality problem? How can people go on and on about “The Jews”,  “The Zionists”, “The Blacks”, “The wetbacks”, “The Browning of America”, “The White Devil”, “The patriarchy”, and  “The elite” when right and wrong is confused? Does humanity care? Would it be in humanity’s best interest to care about morality?

The news can be watched and one can find out through the lens of media what’s currently going on. But is it noticeable that wars, stealing, and harming others under the shadow of “government” continues? No matter how much knowledge is amassed on all of the problems, the main solution will always be in how moral or immoral a society is.

Going on about calling out one group or another is poisonous. If real solutions are strived for, the problem of humanity as a whole would be mainly talked about.

There is only uselessness in pitting human against human. Usefulness is in taking right action and using the sacred word “No.” No must be said to evil. Evil kills freedom; it destroys creativity; it cultivates divide. If most of humanity came together — no matter who — in behavior aligned with right action, what would occur? Certainly it would be action taken that could turn tides.

Legislation. Government. Authority of man. Militaries. Police. These institutions have been put in place to cull man’s wild animal nature. In the end, it’s animals ruling over other animals. When the spirit hasn’t been cultivated and the false right to impede on people’s voluntary rights is open for intrusion, the problem of morals hasn’t been solved. Therefore, humanity is still locked in it’s suffering.

The focus is divided in too many ways via amassing fact after fact of why the world has so much turmoil. Where one spends time and pays attention, gives their time and mon-eye, is cultivating the world one lives in. The focus is precious. Where meaning and emotions are focused is priceless. We are creators. We have that responsibility.


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