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  • Bobby Burke

Why Humanity Exists In Darkness

We exist in darkness not because of a few evil people doing evil but instead because most of everyone else does absolutely nothing about it. The vast majority of humanity remains in profound ignorance, cowardice, stockholm, laziness, apathy and conformity. We personally have no issue with calling a spade for a spade as it has been helpful for us personally when others have done so for us. There is nothing wrong with calling ignorance ignorance, stupidity stupidity, laziness laziness or cowardice cowardice. What is wrong is being so diluted that one lacks the ability to admit that one has been wrong.

Foremost, one must cultivate the courage necessary to face the negative head on in order to become truly enlightened as to what's transpiring in this realm. Second, one must then find the courage necessary to begin speaking out against it. Thirdly, one must complete the circuit by taking direct action against evil through non-violent engagement with what some have coined "The One Great Work". Any action taken against slavery is good action. Any words expressed against slavery are good words. All inaction against evil is bad. All silence against evil is bad. We both are and will learn this the hard way.

One of the worst fates we can imagine is the fate rightly given to those humans who KNOW but choose to do nothing about evil. Many humans have awakened to a certain degree relating to the evil that virtually every one of us is engaged with on a daily basis yet due to laziness, cowardice, ignorance, and apathy, they choose to do absolutely nothing about it. This is much to our collective dismay that if everyone today chose to stop engaging with evil and all of its manifestations we could theoretically change the world over night. To know that something is immoral and bad yet continuing to consent to it, is stupid beyond belief.

It is not a matter of lacking access to proper information but is instead a matter of ignorance as we have no shortage of truthful objective information available to us which enlightens us as to the way evil is operating in this domain. Ultimately, in the end, no excuse will carry weight in the face of our One Omnipotent Creator. The toleration of evil is an error no one should look forward to receiving when departing this realm. We are graced, especially in this country, with the continued opportunity to correct our error followed by dedicating our whole Souls to the Good for All Life. This is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of freedom or slavery. As inconvenient as it might be, we must accept that a group of beings seeks dominion over the entire race. If you are unable to see that such an ongoing act which is as dark as dark can possibly be well underway, you may never see the light in your lifetime. We hope you find a remedy to your ail.


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