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How To Share The Liberator 2

We encourage you to share this project in the following ways. It is also encouraged that you find ways to share in other unique methods.

How To Share (Video Version)

- print the full edition and share

- print individual articles

- share the articles or videos on your own shows/websites/content

- share the articles or videos on other platforms,
internet threads and chat rooms

- turn article content into brochures or small books

- visit your neighbors with the material or give them mail

- put up signs or bumper stickers with

- put in the description or outro of your videos, or as an advertisement on your website

- donate to streamers, celebrities or influencers 
or mail them material (they may have a po box)

- consider confronting politicians or joining q/a sessions to ask challenging questions and plug the material

- visit different groups or clubs, political or otherwise that may benefit from this shared cause for freedom by education

- reach out to notable journalists or contributors who may be able to help with this project, may it be with outreach or in sending articles

- find out what events are currently going on and contact the main editors of the liberator 2 or plan to attend for yourself, setting up a table or walking around handing out materials

- reach out to online event hosts with this educative material or if you want to be a speaker, or if you
want the main editors of l2 to speak/present

- consider livestreaming the videos or compiling them,
or putting the content into a documentary-format

- clip the videos for a clips channel, or consider making shorter versions (1 minute or less) that are vertical videos for platforms that are often viewed on phones

- learn how to talk to individuals
who promote political slavery or statism

- participate in the never vote campaign
for education throughout each election cycle

- send letters to those in political positions
educating them about this material

- network in your local area with
people who also care about freedom
(freedomcells, highersidechats, meetup, eventbrite, etc.)

- network with one local business with like-minded people (holistic/homemade living, spirituality, freedom-oriented). set up events with them and they will also provide free advertising for you.

- learn how to create online media to help
educate and further contribute to this project

- learn how to make electronic music to help
educate through a creative attraction

- share our quiz that helps people learn by inquiry

- share the compilation-documentary featuring
many of the greatest freedom videos and animations

- share the end of slavery summit featuring
over 50 speakers and 100s of resources

- get the merch for the liberator 2 or
share the business cards (bottom of main page)

- put our newspaper, research material or books in
drop off areas such as with beaches or libraries.

- turn any of our videos or articles into video documentaries or mini-documentaries or movies. you can also turn them into one minute or less vertical (9:16) youtube shorts or tiktok videos. share these with us and we can repost.

- conduct interviews “for the liberator 2 news” publicly online or in real life, at your own risk. this can help create a greater engagement. do share with us.

- become inspired for more ideas by checking out
our article guidelines, which includes many different ideas and formats to be a part of the liberator 2

you may optionally record all of the above actions for further impact as well as inspiration for others

some freedom shareable resources:

true freedom sheet
brochure for freedom one
brochure for freedom two
three facts sheet
statism question sheet
statism question sheet v2
freedom-economy brochure
more resources with use of a movement
tons of learning resources ~ sign up for our newsletter
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