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  • Arjen van Diepen

Beginning Steps In Higher Consciousness

higher consciousness

Truth is the base of creation. Everybody wants freedom, happiness, love, health, but many people ignore the truth to achieve this. This truth lies within ourselves and the environment around us. We often believe things or prefer to go along with lies to be liked, or to belong to a group. We do this out of laziness or to blame someone else. We may get used for the agendas of others, for the religions or governments of the world.

To be able to consciously create, "we must" first know what we are dealing with. Namely, the occult knowledge. Occult means nothing more than hidden. Societies have kept occult knowledge, manipulating previous societies and transforming them into the present one, whilst keeping their positions of power. The knowledge at issue here is mainly that of Natural Law. It is how consciousness works and it involves the consequences of human behavior.

How can we best approach truth to apply natural law? Who determines natural law? Natural law equals truth. It is something present in nature and beyond human control. What determines natural law? Truth is equal by nature and cannot be determined by man. Where is the natural law? Truth is present in nature, it is there forever. And this is what humans will have to approach as best as they can, in order to live in harmony with nature. When does the natural law apply? Truth is this moment and what has always been, and always will be.

Why is Natural Law present in humans? Humans are one with nature. This truth may be found in our genes, the blueprint of humans. These are formed, before we become a fetus. These are forever present and we cannot change them. One does try to do this, chemically, and to some extent this will disrupt the connection with our nature. However, this will not change the truth, which was, is and always will be.

Truth remains objective, meaning it is not based on people's perceptions. Truth does not waver, bend or change. It does not matter whether anyone believes it, knows it, sees it, or wants to see it. When people hear the truth, they have the most incredibly weird comments, for instance, “that is your truth” or “my truth” or relating it to purely external figures, or something else that is completely irrelevant. When someone takes off their glasses and becomes wary of illusion, the truth may look different to them but the truth itself remains the same. Perception does not equal reality or truth.

We are quick to believe what we "should" believe, this is because of the information that comes at us all day long, through the telephone, TV, radio, school, roadside signs, rules, etc. We believe this and don't even think for ourselves anymore. Understanding this truth can already be seen as an attack on the human ego. Namely, the bigger ego one has, the more that their perception is important and accurate to them.

Everything that affects our brain and genes such as drugs, food, what we put on our skin and what we breathe in etc., affects the access and processing of the information, which is stored within us. We are additionally affected by trauma from an early age. For instance, getting too close to the water can cause trauma, because our parents are afraid that we will fall in to the water and drown, giving us fear of water. What we believe is the most important thing here. Everyone can swim from birth, that is in our genes. From the time we can walk, we are kept away from water because our parents are programmed that we can drown. This fear is magnified with incidents through media, education etc. If we grow up in the environment of this trauma, the people in this environment will also start to believe it. Because of situations as this, we put locks on many mental cages for ourselves.

Based on the work of Bruce Lipton, Ian Xel Lungold, Max Igan and Mark Passio


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