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  • Arjen van Diepen

Unlock Your Mental Cage Step-By-Step!

Can we unlock the mental cage by accepting the truth? You can ignorantly do something and hope that it will turn out well, or you can go out and investigate first and eventually reach a state of knowing. For this you need knowledge of the natural laws, or how the world works. People who follow ignorantly, lack that knowledge. These people have willfully ignored information, often just out of convenience. But if you ignorantly jump or fall off a high cliff there are just as many consequences. Either way, you cannot escape the laws of nature.

The truth is our own responsibility, it is up to us to live by it. In your reality you can think about avoiding the harmful chemicals and resolving traumas but the most important thing is to stop believing in the illusions that are based on false beliefs. If you want to create this change, action is required! Some people say that change happens in the heart or head, which is certainly true. But at the end of the day, real change only happens with courage and action, it takes guts! Our principles are often learned through the use of religion, government, media, education, family circumstances, etc. What if instead, it was based on understanding basic universal morality, such as the idea that you should not steal? Do we change or base this morality or action with religion when we confess, with government when a judge must decide it, according to media when it must be “proven” first, with school when they may just take away your marker if you use it unauthorized, or within a family when they look away to avoid trouble?

The spell that’s put on truth or morality makes no difference. It is important to follow the principles that help us not commit crimes, which often occur out of fear or mind control, such as: theft, assault or rape, murder, lying (withholding truth), using violence or coercion. Getting clear on our principles, will help us steer away from contradictions. We all know that stealing is wrong, but, many people will see taxation as a good thing, whereas, when a criminal organization demands money for protection, they see it as wrong. An individual’s fear of solving it themselves or their belief in the government, will keep their contradiction. Similarly, on the subject of assault, the body is as sacred as the mind, and therefore consent has to be given to perform a physical act. No one has the right to force themselves on another living being. Therefore, when someone is vaccinated against their will, it is also, in fact, assault. Fear of being outside the group, or any other beliefs and egos, does not change the fact that your body, against your will, is being invaded. On murder, if you kill someone to prevent a murder or multiple murders, the state can still lock you up for murder. Because of this, there is fear of defending yourself, which is one among other tools the government uses to keep you in line. On lies, when you withhold truth, you deny another person the right to discover the truth about something or someone. Fear of not being accepted or the belief that your ego is more important does not change that.

The consequence of ignoring the effects of your actions and accepting and often even defending and condoning the crimes committed is simply contributing to more trauma or fear. When you have this fear or trauma, it causes you to stop seeing certain things thus holding back development of yourself. Therefore, how do we really turn truth to action?

1. Acknowledge, first of all, that there is a problem. Then you can address and overcome fear-based denial. Denial will only make the problem worse.

2. Recognize that symptoms are merely consequences of underlying causes. Instead of treating symptoms, it is better to accurately diagnose (“by way of knowledge”) the cause of the problem by asking “why.” In doing so, you come to understand what is the origin that causes certain symptoms.

3. By means of the obtained knowledge, you should take the action which is necessary to correct the cause, which led to the problem. When we know how we think to see the truth, we can create the better world.

In thinking, let’s talk about the brain. There are three basic structures of the human brain. The R complex or reptilian brain is the lowest conscious part of the brain, responding only to stimulus. Fight or flight mode this is also called. It is what we "have to" think all day. It is responsible for the most basic survival functions, such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and orientation in space.  It controls instinctive behavior and thinking. The limbic system or mammalian brain, is that which does not function properly in narcissists and psychopaths. This is also where the chronic disorders, such as trauma and birth disorders matter. It supports many different functions, including emotion, motivation, long-term memory, and sense of smell.  It is the part of the brain involved when it comes to behaviors we need for survival, such as feeding, reproduction and caring for our young. The neocortex or human brain, is where it is said that we have higher thinking functions such as logic, intuition and creativity. Regardless, by being balanced between the masculine and feminine, recognizing our impulses and re-activeness, being able to trace our thoughts and actions, we can unlock our mental cage, to then free the cage holding our world in slavery.


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