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  • Arjen van Diepen

How We Are Controlled In Time

Since truth is in the now and past, you can change the future. The term truth can always be used or referred to. When one gains the ability to perceive what is now, and what has happened, it is called consciousness. Now one has the ability to recognize patterns. The more consciousness is developed, the more one sees the truth, which in turn affects your environment, “the cloud.” The most important qualities you need to create from truth are time and where or what do you give attention.

Here is an example of what we believe at this time: At birth, we write a name and number in a system that we link to the Gregorian calendar. This is a calendar, which is for physical evidence only. Of birthdays, holidays but also planning of education, law, salary, career, news, marriage, children etc. The narrowing of our consciousness already takes place here. We do not even ask questions about other things, we are only concerned with this planning. In essense, spirituality or greater consciousness is out of society. In other words, this calendar is our dogma that we for ourselves have created or has been forced upon us. Here the proteins are already being modified so that we no longer read our genes completely. With this calendar, it could take a toll on our consciousness, body and thinking. In ancient times, Mayan’s called this calendar the Haab, they used it for state accounting (taxes). Tzolkin calendar is used as a personal calendar and lasts 260 days, namely 13 intentions to create and 20 aspects to create. Astrologically 12 signs per year but again different signs per day, etc. Ancient cultures also looked at influences from outside our consciousness. What were they looking at?

Our brain is the tool for thinking, which literally gives one space to see time, which with this calendar, is used to teach us things with physical evidence. If one perceives something that there is no physical evidence of, you perceive it unconsciously and will not (be able to) wrongly use it. Ego is created by programming or trauma from how or what you want to see yourself. This calendar is held hostage; the pattern can be seen and is also shown to us. As long as we follow it, we walk into a trap that is determined for us. In other words, the protein has already adapted to no longer read your genes in their entirety. No difference from a computer or robot.

If you can let go of this and surrender everything to your consciousness, you will move (out of your mind) beyond your thinking, or in other words to your intuition (your soul or heart). In this, you lose all stress and your anxiety may disappear. We see similar teachings in Stoicism and Taoism. Then you can come out in a state of knowing everything (your genes can be fully read again) in the area you spend the time and attention on. Consciousness is always attached to: time (in the now), place (where you are internally and externally), what you are looking at and how you look at it. Free will is the choice of what you want to look at. Consciousness is not just us humans but everything around us, “the cloud.”

Then we learn the language. We are immediately sent to school to learn spelling (spells, spellcasting). And we are taught that language is the most important thing to know. While symbols and images are also very important. For example: If you draw a person with a light above them you get an idea. When you see this picture in front of you, there is much more action going on than the word idea on paper. This is perceived by your intuition (genes). Since we often see images, they are sometimes easier to understand than language. For example: When we are tired after a day hard at work, we watch television to relax and see a lot of images and symbols, that our brain understands even without language. We’ve come to see this as entertainment, but we can understand it.

We think too much in language and that can lead us astray. If we started thinking in symbols and communicating with each other in symbols, things would be much easier sometimes. If one can spend months giving us a 1.5-hour presentation in the form of a movie or other programs (images, easy to understand), language could become a secondary thing to communicate.

How many symbols do we get presented in this day and age? The same goes for a curriculum. Our parents copy what they have been taught. In school we learn to copy what others tell us. The same goes for high school, where we are allowed to develop in our copied reality (illusion).

Should we then have a career with our ambition, we live in the future for recognition. Information is often not truth, only confirmation of what you think you already know. We are so in search of information but in doing so we also walk into a trap that is determined for us. If we want to be free, we will learn to read our genes completely with truth. This is what the G stands for in the Freemason symbol, among others. Since we are taught to develop the two mental gender hemispheres separately, which is symbolically reflected in entertainment such as the axe, split coconut, another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd), a heart of stone, medusa (media), etc., we now know what the ego means, namely a blockade between these hemispheres, the male and female part. Often one of these two is more strongly developed due to trauma (female) or ego (male). When we begin to understand that our programming is only meant to keep us away from real knowledge, we begin to understand that we have learned nothing about life; only to maintain a system for a few people who keep real knowledge away from us to control us like slaves.


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