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  • Daniel Arnold

Memes & “What You Believe In Is What You Will See”

"What you believe in is what you will see."

Memes and short phrases such as this, can be misleading. There are nuances, but in our current times in the age of memes and quick quote wisdom with a population that has largely been conditioned to prefer others governing them or “representing” them, such a quote, like so many other memes, can be false wisdom – at least to a certain degree. It is true that people are prone to what popular psychology calls “projecting” - that is, to ascribe unto others that which we see within ourselves. Subconscious opinions of our “truths” are nearly always very subjective in nature. That doesn’t necessarily make what we observe or “see,” only our own “beliefs” into subjective observations as the quote would infer you to believe. Let me explain.

We live in a very fast-paced society that has gotten far to used to instant information, and gratification. Memes can function in the same way that our minds record and recall strong emotional moments in our lives – both positive and negative emotional memories. Although these “memory-frames” can sometimes be something horrific, which is how memories occur in people suffering with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), we are talking more about those special moments mostly. Like watching and assisting in the birth of your child or watching the first time your child tastes something delicious and new to them. Or taking their first step. Your first kiss. Or holding someone you love during a slightly breezy but warm and rainy afternoon – and not merely getting wet from the rain, but really feeling the rain. Living wholly in that moment.

Human beings tend to recall memories as still frame images, which is why posters of images from our childhood can be so memorable and why memes can be so memorable to us now. But memes today, the modern age posters, are also very subconsciously influential especially in the quantity in which they are created and shared on social media platforms. This is why memes are often created as purposely deceiving-disinformation-still-frames to influence people’s opinions, which again are subjective, into a state of mind that makes them more easily manipulable for possibly selfish and often dark-agenda-ego-and-greed driven purposes – especially during political strife. These memes are then passed along by the average person with no ill intent as misinformation. Accidental, but still damaging. This is what makes slogans so effective, and why soundbites of information can be so easily misunderstood.

The example meme we are examining here is an attempted gaslight. It is not that we have a dark and twisted evil mind that sees only the bad, or evil darkness in our world – but make no mistake that we do indeed see evil darkness happening that we say is 100% objectively, unequivocally, and undeniably immoral – and WRONG. We see human beings lording and ruling over other human beings as wrong. This by proxy means that all governments of any kind for the entirety of all human history have been wrong. We see that throughout all our shared human history, that we have allowed our continued human condition to have been, and indeed still is, one of slavery and forced servitude of one kind or another - which is wrong. Voting is wrong, politically granted authority to another that a person themselves does not have is wrong. Forcing young men to go murder and get murdered is wrong. We see Democide, the leading cause of unnatural deaths by governments, is wrong. We see the belief in human authority over other beings to declare what is moral and right or immoral and not right is WRONG.

The basic and common do’s and don’ts of morality have already been set in creation for us by God with a capital G. And we am not talking about some “bearded man” in the sky created by humanity whose dogmatic beliefs are used as control mechanisms and excuses to justify the constant murder of one another over.

The DON’Ts: Murder, R*pe, Assault, Steal, Trespass, Coerce or knowingly Lie – otherwise known as the seven transgressions of Natural Law which initiates harm to others.

The DOs: literally anything else you want.

We “see” all this bad stuff and we do not have to “believe” it to understand objectively what it is. Truth is knowable and objective - once known it is up to us to re-align our perception to it if need be. The new age spirituality being parroted and vomited in memes by far to many new age yoga teachers may thus be seen as a plan instituted to create tranquil solipsists incapable of taking action. It is the antithesis of true love and care, as it is the suppression of normal human emotions. These teachings are purposely out of balance and are highly contradictive to real authenticity. It is a right brain imbalance created by deceptive false teachings being spread by many modern-day yoga teachers. And politically driven voters - this is not by accident. 20+ year law enforcement veteran who escaped and warns against the system, Daniel Arnold shares his experience among understanding many of these insights:

“As a spiritually awakened, not woke, yoga teacher I am very bothered by the dark side of gratitude, mindfulness, self-love and statements like ‘what you resist - persists.’ The overarching solipsistic views these teachings promote are murdering the human spirit to act. And make no mistake, we are in a spiritual war. If your "wisdom" breeds cognitive dissonance and enables Stockholm syndrome, your spiritual “insights” will hurt and not help others. Research and avoid the Dunning–Kruger effect. Many yogis’ doing this are good people, but you have been bamboozled. We must quiet our minds a bit, remember who we are, remember our capacity for love, empathy, compassion, and we will remember what we are – consciousness, light and love manifested. Then we can unite, fight, if need be, and rise from this darkness together. Only in rising from my own darkness could I see this.” 


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