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  • Daniel Arnold

Religions Of All Kinds ~ An Experience By Former Cop

It is important to understand the honest views of people who live in our world, to observe their mindset and how they go about in seeing plausible change. Former law-enforcement for over 20+ years, Daniel Arnold shares with us, “I was recently in a Jewish, Christian, Muslim religious forum where followers of those faiths argue and bicker with one another over their only slightly different beliefs. It started with a post by a Christian in that group, a picture of a nun and a female follower of Islam.” Arnold states that the Christian then elaborated with the following:

“The first is a nun. Dedicated to god, she vow not to marry. Her profession is pray and fasting, full of peace and kindness. The second one is the opposite. Have nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter the clothes, but the soul.”

Abruptly, Arnold stated that “religious people are mentally ill.” A top contributor and administrator of the group tagged him and replied: “It’s the western countries where depression is a big and growing problem, seems to be growing as atheism is growing.” Below was Arnold’s response that is worth noting. He tells us that “as would-be educators, we must engage religious people in a manner that is educating, truthful, thought provoking but yet balanced as to not be insulting, while also not placating them.”

“Atheism is a religion. Religiosity is the bane of this world. It is used by states throughout the world in all our shared human history to control and enslave us. I am a spiritual being who has died twice, and there is a ‘god’ with a capitol G, but it isn't some bearded dude in the desert sky. We have been fooled and bamboozled. The belief in so-called human authority to rule over other humans is a religion as well. The genocide in Palestine is a direct result of religions, and the evil that comes with them. If the people of the world had even a clue as to the nature of our existence, all citizens would stand up and say enough! And we would be unenslaved just like that.

How come every time a researcher or archeologist finds a discovery in the middle east there is always a war that forces them to leave? What truth about human history lays in that area of the world that ‘they’ do not want us to find out? I do get depressed at times, but it is not because I am an atheist, it is because people cannot even define what a human right is, and that morals can be known, but are ignored. I love people — and I hate those who would rule others. I am by far not perfect, but I have reconciled all contradictions within my beliefs.

We already live in a one world government. That was made abundantly clear 4 years ago when the governments of the whole world worked in tandem (after the 2019 G20 Summit) to put masks on our faces and lock us all down. They like us arguing over the low hanging fruit and minutia — it makes us do their jobs for them. I say humanity unites and forces these beings to do their own dirty work and accrue their own negative consequential effects of Karma. This is not all human driven. I research for truth, and not to validate some already predisposed blind belief. If some 9-year-old in grade school had not told us that Santa Clause was fake, we would be murdering one another over Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Much Love. Agape.”

Arnold in concluding why he wrote what he wrote, states, “I feel a need to leave you, the reader, with a final thought. In this digital age we live in, social media and engaging others via the internet is where some (some) of the battlefield lays, and memes is part of that ‘battle.’ But the reason the good guys temporarily won in the 80’s is because we did not have internet or social media back then – so, our collective activism had to be in person. Has social media made us lazy? Soft? And not effective? Was it created in part by dark social engineers for this exact purpose? Just some things to consider as real in person action will most certainly be required soon.

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