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  • Daniel Arnold

The Mere Possibility Of Conspiracy ~ Do We Dare Ask?

In an era of pervasive disinformation and widespread distrust, as many would agree, the question becomes: if one side says their information is right and the other side says their information is right, who is correct? It can seem like an endless battle of statistics, between the vegan and the carnivore, or the republican and the democrat. Perhaps, we need to see the bigger picture and ask ourselves, why? If it is true that the mainstream narrative is wrong, just how wrong could it be? Do we ever consider the possibility that it may be entirely wrong, or that there is a greater agenda at play? In case it is hard for us to comprehend this possibility which is indeed possible, let us evaluate.

A sinister conspiracy emerges, suggesting that the recent events in history and its associated disinformation, despite being mainstream information, are intentional tools to manipulate and divide society. People kept in a state of fear are easier to manipulate. This alternative viewpoint has very real concerns. One only has to look at all human history to see a reemerging pattern of slavery and servitude, could this relate? The so-called ruling class orchestrates a crises which creates a Hegelian dialectic, pitting the masses against one another while maintaining their own grip on power. Ever hear of “divide and conquer”? Exploring this hypothesis sheds light on how disinformation may perpetuate control, rather than some pod-caster in their basement trying to get attention and money.

According to this premise, the so-called ruling class would strategically disseminate disinformation during a crises, exploiting public fears and uncertainties. By controlling the narrative, they shape public opinion, directing it toward specific ideologies or conspiracies that serve their hidden agenda. The crazy can be used against the skeptic, for guilt by association. In the case of recent events near 2020, disinformation may have included narratives about the origin or effectiveness and safety of public health measures.

In history, governments have used race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and political identity to keep the masses arguing over the low hanging if not completely grounded fruit. As people become entangled in ideological debates and theories, their focus shifts from identifying the root causes of societal problems to blaming one another. This manufactured polarization distracts individuals from questioning the actions and motives of the so-called ruling class, allowing them to consolidate their power. More problems could be thrown onto the masses, and they feed it up as part of their own polarization.

By promoting opposing views and amplifying conflicts, a predator ruling class perpetuates the Hegelian dialectic. This dialectic creates a thesis (the existing power structure), an antithesis (the opposition or dissenting views), and ultimately a synthesis (a compromised outcome that maintains the status quo). In this scenario, the ruling class remains in control, while the masses remain divided and distracted. If we accept the premise of this hypothesis, it becomes evident that the ruling class would continue to exploit future problems to perpetuate their control. The erosion of trust caused by disinformation during these events would make it easier for them to manipulate public perception during the next supposed crises.

Skepticism, division, and infighting could hamper collective responses to what could be a far deadlier biologically man-made or otherwise disease or condition. Carl Jung told us that psychic epidemics are the most dangerous. Creating an atmosphere in which critical thinkers and non-voters completely refuses mandatory laws, verses voters demanding compliance with “science” in the name of their political identity. All of this, for which something far worse could be happening beyond?

Addressing the possibility of such hypothesis requires a concerted effort to promote awareness and take action. Vigilance is necessary to identify and expose hypocrisy or greater agendas, enabling individuals to see through the manipulations of the so-called ruling class. Therefore, those who are skeptics fulfill a necessary function. Public education should include critical thinking, permaculture and media literacy skills to empower individuals to discern fact from fiction, but it depends on each of us and our families, our very environments. This may include the basic morality as taught under the subject of Natural Law, coming to help many people from all backgrounds in today’s world.

Furthermore, holding the ruling class accountable is crucial. Transparency and independent investigations should be pursued to uncover any hidden agendas and expose any complicity in perpetuating divisions. An education about statism could awaken the whole human race to a whole superstition they never knew they had, which contributes to this, as detailed by Larken Rose. Similarly, understanding the basics of Natural Law:

Do not: Murder, Rape, Assault, Trespass, Theft, Coerce, or Knowingly lie. (Involuntary)

Do’s: Any actions that does not initiate harm to another being. (Voluntary)

While the notion of a plan to purposely create division and perpetuate the ruling class's control of the world during a crises may be unsettling, exploring alternative viewpoints fosters a more comprehensive understanding of history that should or should not repeat. By remaining vigilant, promoting critical thinking, and demanding transparency and accountability, we can strive to uncover the truth and protect the integrity of our freedoms.

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