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  • Victor Johnson

Pride & The False Self (Short Synapsis)

Pride is the false self, like ego it disguises itself as real while the true authenticated person hides in the shadows, afraid to let themselves be known. Being aware of the old warning that pride goes before the fall, we may realize that both pride and ego are detrimental to human growth and development. What if we were to eradicate all pride and ego from our lives?... And to take a lot of pride in that. This joke illustrates the insidiousness and tenacity of this false self. The best way to deal with it is to replace it with something else. Autonomy and sovereignty will work. Autonomy means being self-governed in accordance with Objective (Basic non-contradictive) Morality rather than external control. Sovereignty simply means not a slave, going all the way back to it's Latin and Old French roots (super-regnum). One might wonder if there is a need for pride at all, yes but only enough to know that you have Rights inherent in Nature and that you will defend those Rights and to defend the Rights of others if they are unable to do so themselves. You are in a position to do so. Equal Rights, not special rights. This is the only pride one needs and not an inch more.


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