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  • Victor Johnson

The Foundation Of Natural Law ~ Morality Without Religion

In trying to assess the reality in which we live, one should either accept the idea that when creation came into existence, that Law, both Physical Law (physics) and Spiritual Law came with it, or that only creation came into existence without Law. Mainstream science itself has to admit that Physical Laws govern everything. How science loves physics, teaching it all the way into the highest universities yet, refusing to acknowledge any Spiritual Laws what so ever, their thought pattern goes like this: if one cannot see it, measure it, or weigh it, then it cannot exit.

The fourth Hermetic Principle is Polarity, everything has an opposite. Day and night, left and right, up and down, the cardinal points on a compass, etc. Then for there to be a Physical, then there must be a Spiritual, the seen and the unseen. By refusing to accept the Spiritual aspect of creation, mainstream science becomes unbalanced. The book of James says that “A double minded man is unstable in ALL of his ways.” Nicola Tesla said,  “the day that science seriously looks into the unseen world as well as the seen world, then we would learn more in a year than everything that we have learned previously.”

For Law to exist, it must be easily perceived, common to all and obliging to all equally. One cannot expect to jump out of an airplane without a parachute and expect not to become seriously injured or killed. Why? Because a Natural Law was violated. As well, if one chooses to live on potato chips, hot dogs and beer, one should not be surprised if their health has been affected. It may take some time, but it will happen for the same reason, a Law was violated. The results can happen very suddenly or it may take a while, depending on what Law was not adhered to.

Spiritual Law operates on the same Principle. Objective Moral Law, similarly said and noted by individuals like C.S. Lewis, Lysander Spooner, Elihu Palmer and Mark Passio, is easily perceived, common to all, and obliging to all, connatural, which means connected by Nature. It is inborn, in other words, our Conscience. If we ignore our Conscience, then the only thing that can keep us in check is the fear of getting caught, and there is NO Morality in that. Acknowledging Natural Law is NOT dependent on it working or not. No belief is required. It does what it does because that is what it was designed to do. Perhaps there was a watchmaker God who designed this clock, wound it up and left to do other things. People are not zapped by a lightening bolt when they do something wrong because Natural Law, also known as Karma will deliver the behavioral consequences for actions, good or bad. Karmic Law additionally cannot make exceptions, for neglectful grieving parents who lost a child falling off of a cliff or for the child itself, because if it did, then it wouldn't be a Law. Sometimes what we call miracles do occur that we cannot fully explain, but as the Hermetic Principles teach us “what is perceived as random chance is really a Law unrecognized as yet.”

Spiritual Laws just like the Physical Laws can be discovered and understood, it is indeed our responsibility to discover and understand them. Everything, not just physics, is governed by Law. There are Laws that govern good health, music, mathematics, freedom, nothing is ungovernable, and we learn through time. Karmic Law is nothing to fear, do good and one will receive good, practice bad behavior and the results of that behavior will be made manifest. Real Law must be unchanging, consistent and absolute or it wouldn't be Law. Ask yourself, why is it most cultures teach the golden rule or share a similar morality?


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