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  • Daniel Arnold

The Untold Truth About “Truth”

Truth is not subjective and “perception” is not “reality.” Human perceptions can be changed through substance ingestion, propaganda driven disinformation, dark social mass engineering, and mind control. The human brain can be programed (this is why the television which “tell lies to your vision”) are called television “programs.” Humans can be deprogrammed and re-programed. To reiterate, perception is not reality and truth is not subjective – if it were, that would be the solipsistic world view that the dark occult social engineers of our world want you to believe. It is a belief which is running rapid in the new age community, being spread through misinformation by new age teachers.

The truth is always, by in large simple, always objective and can be known – and, once known, it is our jobs to align our perceptions to it. The ego does not like that absolute because it always seeks to have a way out – it always seeks to be seen as right and correct. This is the reason people will remain ensconced in calcified egoistic dogmatic beliefs. To reiterate, truth is objective, can be known, and once known, we must align our perceptions to it or we live a lie – creating a fragmented inauthentic state of cognitive dissonance that is always coupled with Stockholm Syndrome. To be from a space of love comes from knowing truth. To be from a space of fear, we believe lies.

The truth is that as one peoples, humanity has never known real freedom from oppression. We have lived in a state of perpetual slavery since the first known human civilization in Mesopotamia. The human condition has always been, and still is, that of slavery. The truth is we can collectively change this by healing our own traumas, and living in accordance to God’s (with a capitol G) natural laws by refusing to murder, rape, assault, trespass, commit theft, or be coercive. The truth is we can accomplish this through care, knowledge, and most of all, by not accepting the contradictive beliefs so inherent in all religions – including the religion of politics. All of this will take love. A truth, that is so simple, it hurts, that people cannot grasp it: No person has a right to rule over another person. Period. There is not – nor can there ever be any duality to this immutable objective spiritual truth.

The truth is a, higher than man, creative force existing, that wants us to expand in consciousness and love. The truth is that on my death bed, all that was left was love. The truth is a voice that was not my own, and it said: Only love and discernment can drive out hate and fear. The truth is I choose to walk in love, and not in fear of who “they” are. The truth is a state of curious self-inquiry that takes courage. Self-reflection and introspection is a lifelong process to enlightenment that has no end. The truth is, everything I have ever written or put out in digital media, comes from a space of love. Spiritual awakenings are usually born from very traumatic events and are not pretty. This is how I understood that a very real and higher loving force other than man, exists. The process of enlightenment ensued after my spiritual awakening; it entailed shadow-work, honesty, and inquisitive research that I hope others will embark on. Free your minds.

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Daniel Arnold is a Former Marine, 30+ Years Law Enforcement & Security,

Trainer, Teacher, Speaker, Author


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