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  • Victor Johnson

Practicing Equality & Natural Law ~ Short Story: Victor’s Story

"Daddy, I am so mad at Billy that I could hit him. Hold on Son, what did Billy do that would cause you to react that way? He called me a name. Son, anyone who calls you a name other than your real name is really calling you a label, tell anyone who tries to put a label on you that you do not respond to labels, you know who you are. Who am I then?

You are a child of the creator who loves you so much that he gave not only you but everyone equal rights. That is why you should not hit Billy because calling someone a name, although wrong does not warrant such aggression because to hit him is called assault and everyone has the right to their well being. What if Billy hits me? Rights are important, but so is free will. If he hits you once, you can always decide what you want to do, you can let it slide or hit him back, by defending yourself you are telling him that you value your rights and since he initiated the violence you are not using violence against him, you are using what is called the right of self defense.

I still want to get back at him, can I steal his bicycle? No, because stealing violates the right of self ownership. It is his bicycle, not yours. Can I lock him in a shed for an hour to teach him a lesson? No, because that is called kidnapping and that violates the right to freedom and freedom is what it's all about.

Can I at least spread rumors about him? No. Why not? rumors are like lies, if Billy borrowed some money off of you and refused to pay it back, then it would not be wrong to tell your friends that Billy is not to be trusted, but making up stories about him that are not true violates his right to his reputation. Can I at least sell him a puzzle that has pieces missing? No. Why not? because that is fraud and fraud violates our right to full disclosure. Can I spy on him thru his bedroom window and take pictures of him when he is getting ready for bed and spread the photos around at school? No, that is called trespassing and that violates our right to privacy.

With all of these rights I suppose I can't kill him. No, what right would you be violating if you did such a thing? His right to life. Now you get it Son.

This is the recipe for creating peace and paradise on Earth. Everyone needs to know this Daddy. You are right Son, and now that you know this you can teach it to your friends, but don't teach it if you yourself are not practicing it. Teach it and teach others how to teach it. This is the basis for what we say we want: Freedom. A good way to teach it is to say; I can swing my arms in any direction I want, but my right to swing my arms freely ends where someone's nose begins. When I am teaching what has been called Natural Law or Moral Law and someone tells me that you can't change the world, I tell them that you yourself are not willing to change. True freedom happens one mind at a time. We can do this.


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